Dog Toys – How to Stuff an Activity Toy Using Cheese

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified Pet Dog Trainer Victoria Schade demonstrates how to stuff an activity toy for your pet using cheese.

    Victoria Schade

    Victoria Schade is an APDT Certified Pet Dog Trainer and an honors graduate from the San Francisco Dog Trainer’s Academy with a Counseling Certificate. Her company, Good Dog! Training, has grown exponentially since opening its doors in the Washington, DC area seven years ago. She has worked with thousands of dogs – and dog owners – and honed her unique dog handling and “coaching” technique. She earns rave reviews from her customers for her ability to help every dog be a good dog. Her expertise is also regularly taped by the media. Recent press includes a mention in Washingtonian Magazine as one of the best trainers in the DC area, and subject-matter expert insights in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The DC Examiner, Northern Virginia Living Magazine, Dog Fancy Magazine, Training Secrets for Labrador Retrievers Magazine, Dogs USA, Training Secrets for Boxers Magazine,, Housetraining Magazine, The Bark Magazine, and Animal Wellness Magazine. Radio interviews include Animal Corner, Steve Dale’s Pet World, Pet Talk, and Animal Radio. Victoria recently appeared as a judge on the WE Channel production, “America’s Cutest Puppies” and has appeared the CBS Early Show, WJLA ABC News Channel 7, and WTTG Fox 5. Victoria’s debut training DVD, “New Puppy! Now What?” won the DWAA Maxwell award in 2006. “New Puppy! Now What?” is a comprehensive yet light-hearted training tool that helps novice owners navigate puppy parenthood with a sense of humor, and tools that work fast.

    Victoria Schade: Hi! I am Victoria Schade, I am a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and the Creator of the Puppy Training DVD New Puppy! Now What?

    Today, I am showing you how to stuff activity toys like this one. Well show a great way to keep your dog constructively occupied.

    Now this next recipe is something I call Behold the power of cheese, not very healthy but much beloved. So, just how it sounds you start off with cheese. Couple of nice cheese slices down at the bottom. Now, this is a more advanced kind of activity toy because the opening is actually pretty small.

    So, were stuffing some nice cheese pieces down at the bottom, this I think is favorite part of this particular activity toy, the easy cheese. So, we are going to spray some in the middle and again you dont have to worry about the mess that much because you have the cheese slices in the bottom holding the messy cheese inside, and then I am going to top it off with some sliced cheese pieces which will kind of act as a barrier at the opening of the activity toy.

    Yes, its messy and yes it does get under your fingernails, but that has the fun this is Behold the power of cheese, and I think your dog is going to love it.

    Have fun!