Dog Training and Leadership Skills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dog trainer Carla Nanmack-Wenger demonstrates how to teach your dog leadership skills.

    Carla Nanmack-Wenger

    Carla Nammack-Wenger is the owner of Country Club Kennels & Training located in Fauquier County, Virginia. She is also the founder of The Chance Foundation, an all-breed, non-profit dog rescue organization specializing in taking in abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and providing them w/ medical care, socialization and training in an effort to find them permanent, loving homes. Carla has been training dogs of all breeds and temperaments since 1991. She started Country Club Kennels & Training in 1996 with the goal of offering her clients an attractive alternative to standard boarding kennels. The facility is located on her beautiful, 45-acre property in Catlett, VA. All the dogs are taken out a minimum of 6x/day and social, friendly dogs are turned out in supervised playgroups for their outings. Bedroom accommodations are also available for special needs dogs. Carla has spent years studying dogs and dog behavior. She is well known for her gentle yet effective training techniques and has acquired a reputation for being able to help dogs who have been deemed “beyond help”. Carla’s passion for what she does is demonstrated on a daily basis as she works with the homeless dogs in her care as well as her customer’s dogs. Carla is the trainer of choice of many rescue groups as they send her their “most difficult dogs” in hopes that with her love, patience and understanding, they will become adoptable. She has never met a dog that couldn’t be helped. Carla and her husband Ed are the proud owners of twelve, wonderful rescue dogs all of whom live in peace and harmony together.

    Carla Nammack-Wenger: Hi there! My name is Carla Nammack-Wenger. I am the owner of Country Club Kennels & Training and the founder of the Chance Foundation, which is an operate rescue for dogs who have been neglected, abandoned, or abused. We are located in Catlett which is in Fauquier County, Virginia, around a 45 acre farm and we have a Boarding and Training Kennel where we do the typical boarding, but that is actually luxury atmosphere, stress free environment, the dogs are out six times a day. We do the play groups. The dogs actually enjoy boarding here.

    We also have a very comprehensive two week training course where the dog stays here with us, receives the training and then we have a lesson with the family members up on graduation day. The Chance Foundation, I started back in 2000, after I adopted a wonderful dog named Chance; he was 14, deaf and blind when I adopted him.

    Today, we are going to talk to you about some basic dog training techniques and leadership skills. Today, we are going to cover some topics to include teaching your dog how to heel, which is walking on your left hand side, going your pace, your direction, and paying more attention to you.

    We are also going to do a little segment on off-leash heel, which is teaching you how to get your dog started, doing an off-leash heel for you and without getting lose and getting in trouble. We are also going to cover the proper use of training tools. Often times, people buy these training tools and they have no idea how to use them properly and as a result, they start having the wrong behavior from the dog, if they are using them improperly.

    I will show you the proper way to use leashes, training collars, halties, treats, tennis balls and anything that holds the dogs attention can be considered a training tool or aid, and lastly we are going to cover housebreaking, which is a hot topic for many of you dog owners. Okay, grab your dog and lets get started.