Dog Training – Loose Leash Walking

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pet Expert Leigh Siegfried demonstrates loose leash walking.

    Leigh Siegfried: Hi, I am Leigh with Opportunity Barks Behavior & Training. Today we are working on teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash and the first thing we are going to get to is what is Loose Leash Walking?

    Many folks think that their dog should just not pull on a leash. However, it's totally a normal dog behavior for your dog to be sniffing and forging and gathering information when they are outside. It's like they are outside checking their pee male. Walking next to you is not a normal behavior, it's just as much of a trick as training your dog to do anything like sitting or rolling over. So what we need to do is really up to us to give the dog the feedback about what behavior we like and ideally, we like the dog walking beside us and not pulling on leash. What we are going to do is reward that behavior so that the dog is more likely to make the right choice in the future and is less likely to pull you when you are out for a walk. So what do you reward your dog with. We are going to talk about that next.