Dog Training – Teaching Your Dog to Come and Sit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dog Training Expert Enrico Cross provides tips on teaching your dog to come and sit.

    Enrico Cross

    Enrico's lifelong passion has been training dogs and their people.  He
    adopted and obedience- trained his first dog at the age of 14, and has
    had more than 35 years of experience training, breeding, and handling
    dogs of many breeds.  An expert trainer and handler, Enrico is also a
    formally trained and clinically experienced veterinary technician, an
    expert on canine nutrition, and an experienced educator, communicator,
    and public speaker.

    Hello, my name is Enrico Cross, owner and trainer of Take the Lead Dog Training. What I am showing you today is a basic introduction to dog training. The first thing we are going to start with is the come, sit. So, let s play with the puppies. Come, come sit. Come, come, come, come. You will notice in the video in this clip that we just did. You have me using a high tone voice that s because that s the happy tone for the dogs.

    If you listen to your dogs as they bark and they communicate with each other the high tone is a happy tone, the low tone is a business tone, that s business. So, I use the high tone to get the dog to come to me. It makes the dog want to get there faster. As the dog is coming in I give him a target to come to me so that he comes in nice and straight. If he is not sitting, I raise my wrist up like this just to get the dog to look up, roll back and sit. That s the reason for doing those things.

    One of the big problems that people have with their dogs is, they are so happy if the dog gets there they don t make him sit to get the food. So, what the dog learns how to do is, he comes and stands and gets fed or he sits and then stands up right away after you feed him because he is training you not to feed him. Alright, so the dog, if you see the dog come over, you stand he gets you know, he sits then as soon as he gets the food he gets up against so you can tell him to sit so he can sit and you give him the food, he sits. So, he will get on the food, but what I do is come, come, come, sit, I give him the food, he don t move till I say okay, come, sit. He don t get to move until I tell him it is okay to move. So, I got a release command for the dog. So, you start with a hungry dog, use a high tone and you will get the results that I did. So, that s how we teach a dog to come and sit. Next thing that we will be showing you how to do is, how to teach a dog to down when told.