Dog Training – Teaching Your Dog to Lay Down

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dog Training Expert Enrico Cross provides tips on teaching your dog to lay down.

    Enrico Cross

    Enrico's lifelong passion has been training dogs and their people.  He
    adopted and obedience- trained his first dog at the age of 14, and has
    had more than 35 years of experience training, breeding, and handling
    dogs of many breeds.  An expert trainer and handler, Enrico is also a
    formally trained and clinically experienced veterinary technician, an
    expert on canine nutrition, and an experienced educator, communicator,
    and public speaker.

    My name is Enrico Cross, I own and train at Take The Lead Dog Training. What I am showing you today, is the basic introduction to dog training. Now after we have taught the dog how to come and sit, next process is to teach him how to sit down. Now if you watch the first clip, where we are talking about teaching the dog to sit, I use a high tone voice, when I tell him sit and I also I use a high tone to come. We are going to be using a lower tone for the dog, because dogs operate with that. They listen to the tone of our voice. The dogs bark, they are excited when it is a high pitch and a low tone. I want a dog to go down, so I use a low tone, to get the dog down. I will also be dropping the food on the ground for the dog to keep him in a down position, that way he does not getup before I am ready from him to getup.

    So in conclusion with that in wrap up, what we did with him, we got him in the sit position first, so its easier to get him to the down from there and I will use a low tone to drop him down and then before he finishes the food on a ground, I call him up with a sit. So what I am teaching a dog with that, is that he does not move form one position to another until I tell him something. What, I am going to be show you next, is what it look likes with a dog that is fully trained.