Dog Treats – How to Make Doggy Trail Mix

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to make a healthy alternative for your pet.

    Melinda Cerritos

    Melinda is the owner of Four Paws Pantry. Melinda has been making gourmet dog treats since 2004. The grand opening of Four Paws Pantry Pet Boutique in Herndon, Virginia in May of 2007 stems from a true passion for animals. The boutique is where you can purchase her gourmet treats, pet merchandise and inquire about their pet sitting services. Melinda has a nursing background which she has utilized her nutrition knowledge and has introduced new treats for dogs with special needs. These treats include sugar-free treats for dogs with diabetes and low fat treats for those dogs trying to watch their figures. All of our treats are white flour free and salt is never added.

    Melinda Cerritos: Hi! I am Melinda Cerritos with Four Paws Pantry. Today I am showing you how to make Doggy Trail Mix.

    Right now I am going to show you how to store your Trail Mix once it's baked. In the bowl we have the finished Trail Mix . We have added our last two ingredients, which is the pepperoni snack and the carob chips, and with our hands we have just gently tossed it around to try to mix it altogether. This we'll store in the freezer for up to three months. You can store it into an air-tight container and the easiest way I found is just to take a measuring cup and pour it in, or you can store it in freezer bags, you can store it in a larger one. I like to store some of it in the larger bag and also smaller freezer bags. That way I can just pull out one bag as I needed , may be every week or so just pull out about a cup's worth.

    Just store it in your freezer bag, making sure when you seal it you get all the air out, and with your air-tight container.

    Now to thaw your Doggy Trail Mix once you take the bag out of the freezer, you can simply open it up and allow the air to get to it, for about a half-hour, making sure that you kind of move it around in a bag every so often, because sometimes with the thawing condensation will appear in the bag. You want to make sure that if you see any moisture in the bag you transfer this to a dry bag, and before sealing it back up you can leave these on the counter up to four-five days in the sealed bag. If condensation does get into your trail mix you will find that within three or four days it will start molding and you've really ruined all of your hard work. So just make sure that you seal it up nicely, and you can leave it out on your kitchen counter for your dog for three or four days without being in the freezer.

    Now that we have gone over how to store the Doggy Trail Mix, I hope you've learned a lot today with this recipe and I hope that you will enjoy making it, and I hope your dog will enjoy it just as much as I know my dog does.

    Thank you very much!