Dog Treats – Rolling the Bread Sticks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Melinda Cerritos, owner of Four Paws Pantry, demonstrates how to roll out the bread sticks before baking.

    Melinda Cerritos

    Melinda is the owner of Four Paws Pantry. Melinda has been making gourmet dog treats since 2004. The grand opening of Four Paws Pantry Pet Boutique in Herndon, Virginia in May of 2007 stems from a true passion for animals. The boutique is where you can purchase her gourmet treats, pet merchandise and inquire about their pet sitting services. Melinda has a nursing background which she has utilized her nutrition knowledge and has introduced new treats for dogs with special needs. These treats include sugar-free treats for dogs with diabetes and low fat treats for those dogs trying to watch their figures. All of our treats are white flour free and salt is never added.

    Hi, I am Melinda Cerritos with Four Paws Pantry. Today, I am showing you how to make Parmesan Bread Sticks. Right now, I am going to show you the ingredients, their measurements, and how to add them. We are going to first take, let's see, let's start with our egg. One large egg, you just need to crack the egg and place it in your large bowl, making sure there's no shell. This will be a good time; this is why I do the eggs first, just in case I have a shell. With a fork, just beat the egg slightly. This time you want to add three-quarter cups of water, and you want to mix that up a little too. Then you want to take your whole wheat flour, and you want to add two cups. Then you want to take your corn meal, and you want to add a quarter cup of corn meal. Then you want to take your fork and just mix it up. Now, this will become very stiff, very soon. At that time, you may need to use your hands. Once you have all these ingredients mixed well, you can then put in your half-a-cup of grated parmesan cheese into your shallow dish. We are going to use this to roll our bread sticks in. It doesnt have to be exact but just about a quarter, I mean, a half-of-a-cup, one half cup of grated parmesan cheese. Now, with your fingers, just want a pinch of, above about, say one inch round, just take in your hands, just roll it around, and then you can start. If it's not sticking together, just knead it a little bit more with your finger tips, roll it around, and then you want to start rolling it this way, from side to side, and it's going to start forming a bread stick shape.

    Working your way from the bottom, up to the middle and up to the top, back down, you may find it easier at first to take a little of your wheat flour, just a dash of it with your fingers and putting them on your surface using your fingers on the surface that you are going to be rolling your bread stick on. You can take your bread stick and roll it with one or two hands, just like that. You can make these any size that you want. You can make them longer, shorter for a smaller dog, longer for larger dogs. Then once you have finished that, you want to take it and roll it in your parmesan cheese, just coating it ever so slightly. You can leave them in the long shape as the, I guess, traditional bread stick would be, or you could actually take them once you have them rolled out, take your finger tips and just press down on them to flatten it out, take it over and roll it into your parmesan cheese. Once it's slightly coated, you can take them and just start twisting them, and kind of put a twist on things. Setting those aside, and once you are done the whole thing, you have the whole bowl here, or you can just use your excess parmesan cheese, just a sprinkle on top again, let it sit for about five minutes, so the cheese will adhere to the bread stick. Now, that we've done that, I am going to show you how to bake your bread sticks.