Dónde Alojarse en Orlando

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Orlando tiene hoteles que se adaptan a tu estilo y presupuesto.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Gary Sain: When you get a three bedroom, four bedroom home for the same price of an upscale hotel room with a swimming pool and a kitchen and three baths and very close location to the world-class scene parks, now that is a value.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Harris Rosen: What makes us so wonderful is that these hotels are literally a hop, skip and jump away, folks could walk quite easily back and forth and now we have got restaurants all over the place and anything that you want within walking distance.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]Danielle Courtenay: Downtown Orlando is a great place to stay. You have likeability to clubs downtown to restaurants downtown to theaters like Mad Cow. So it really provides you a very urban experience.

    Female Speaker: [Foreign Language]