Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Becoming A Mentor

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travis Williams, Mentor with United Way of Florida’s Achievers For Life introduces 5 volunteer mentors who did not let their initial nerves stop them from making an impact in a student’s life.

    Travis Williams: Hi! I am Travis Williams, Financial Representative at Northwest mutual and a mentor with United Way of North East Floridas Achievers for Life.

    When first considering becoming a mentor to a middle school students, I was excited about the opportunity to make a difference in a childs life, but also slightly nervous. How would I be able to make the time commitment, have the right words to share and know how to help a mentee possibly to overcome difficult personal and academic challenges, but in just 1 hour a week I really get a chance to connect with my mentee in a meaningful way. And it has been one of the most rewarding volunteering experiences and experiences in life in general. If you are considering becoming a mentor whether with Achievers for Life or with any other mentor initiative take a listen to these mentors and she how they overcame their initially nervousness to help make an impact in a students life.

    Sara Ley: So, time is always a challenge no matter what you are doing, but when something important you find time to do it. So for me I was able to block my calendar and with a weekly lunch or maybe made a plan to meet up afterschool. So I will just work a little early. My employer like many others, give back to the community and will support you in spending time mentoring.

    Alonza Anderson: Ice breakers typically from new sports, we have that in common and then I am just quiet and I will let them talk. And a little better for them knowing someone cares about them they are going to listen, you will be surprised and how much you will get out of it.

    SuDelta Henson: These students are looking for someone they can just talk to, they dont really need another parent or teacher they just really need someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of, and help with homework. With my mentee we would spend a lot of time talking about her family, she loved her family a lot, she loved her big brother and she would talk about you know some of things that they were going through as a family. So she just needed an extra year with our judgment, so when, who she can talk freely, who would just and thats basically what I would do for. Mathew MacCredie: I certainly have seen some things and learn some things that you know were a bit scary, but really at the of the day I thought if not me then who. My experiences with their and I what I have learned and what really my mentee has taught me and about how to appreciate life is more valuable than anything and I am very happy for a decision I made to be a mentor.

    Travis Williams: As a mentor, I have learnt that one can adapt matter so much to a child. My mentee showed early signs of possibly not finishing school because of behavioral issues. Since he has become involved with Achievers for Life I see him making an efforts in school that I didnt see before, his grades, his attendances and his cares has improved, together we make a difference.

    Join me became a mentor and help a kid stay on track to graduation and possibly a better life.

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