Dos and Don’ts of Lawn Care

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Lawn care expert Jay Nygaard demonstrates the do’s and don’t’s of lawn care.

    Jay Nygaard: Jay Nygaard with Great Outdoor Landscape here with Dillon Hicks our Project Site Supervisor. Today we have been talking to you about lawn care and how to maintain and keep your lawn looking healthy and green. We are here to conclude with some do's and don'ts.

    Dillon Hicks: Do mow your lawn with a sharp blade.

    Jay Nygaard: Don't remove more than one third of the plant per mowing. This reduces the amount of stress your lawn experiences in the mowing process.

    Dillon Hicks: Do saturate the soil when watering to promote the deeper root growth.

    Jay Nygaard: Don't water too frequently promoting fungus growth and standing water. To correct these issues, you can back off the time your automated system is running and/or improve the drainage in the area.

    Dillon Hicks: Do mulch your clippings back into the lawn.

    Jay Nygaard: Don't allow thatch to build up more than half an inch throughout your lawn area, if it does back your clippings for several mowing until the thatches had a chance to compost down and then resume mulching.

    Dillon Hicks: Do aerate as conditions require.

    Jay Nygaard: Don't forget to saturate the sow the evening before aeration. This will improve your chances of having a larger plug removed and deeper root stimulation.

    Dillon Hicks: Do fertilize regularly.

    Jay Nygaard: Don't ignore safety and application instructions on any chemical you apply throughout the lawn area and always wear appropriate clothing when applying chemicals.

    Dillon Hicks: Do monitor pests and disease.

    Jay Nygaard: Don't hesitate to ask a profession for help including removing some of your grass bringing it into a sound professional to take a look at and diagnose any issues that you have going on throughout your lawn area.

    Thanks for spending some time with us in beautiful West Minister Colorado today. My name is Jay and this is Dillon and we are from Great Outdoor Landscape. We hope the information we provided to you today will help you enjoy a lush green and beautiful healthy lawn this summer. It was our pleasure to serve.