Dowsing Tools – Pendulum

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dowsing Expert Marty Cain discusses the dowsing tool, the pendulum.

    Marty Cain: Hi! I am Marty Cain and I am here from the American Society of Dowsers and I'll be demonstrating how to make some basic dowsing tools and how to use them. In this clip, we're going to be looking at the pendulum which is incredibly easy tool to use but it's also one that I use almost everyday because I have next to every telephone in my house. For the pendulum, you will need a ball of string and a pair of scissors to cut the string and I use sinkers because they're Lead and you can't use them for fishing anymore. So all you need to do is cut a length of thread and you put it through the sinker. If you don't have sinkers, you can use a nut, like a nut and a bolt, just slit that through a nut. You can also use a ring, if you're wearing a ring and just tie the end of it. So you don't loose it and you have a pendulum. Now how you use a pendulum is you hold it close to the weight itself and you let it slip through your fingers until it starts to gyrate or move in some direction. And that length of thread is your energy level length. So for me, I were to hold it up here, it would move so slowly, it would drive me crazy and if I had it too close, I wouldn't be able to read it well because it move so fast. So I am -- again, just going to let it slip through my fingers until it starts to move and that's my normal length through that thing. And with every tool that you have, you always ask what your code is going to be. You are talking to your higher self and it needs to have a particular code, so you know what's going on. So I am asking for yes response. In my yes response, is simply yes, back and forth. And then I go back into the search position, always go to search and then please show me my no response and then immediately goes to the no which is sideways. Now some of you will have a clockwise spin or counter-clockwise spin for yes or no. It doesn't matter what your code is, as long as you know what it is and you keep it. If you start messing around because you will read that you can program your tools. Well, programming is a conscious ego situation. I don't want to involve my ego in anyway if I can possibly avoid it, because the ego cannot dowse. You only can dowse to through your heart. So, I want my higher self, my intuition to tell me what it wants for code and then I follow that, rather than determining, saying you have to be a certain way. So, again ask it, please show me, my yes, and there's my yes and show me my no and here's my no. So, now I am ready to use the pendulum. Now where I use the pendulum mostly is next to my telephone because when people call me and they ask me to do something, I always ask, is it in my highest good or the highest good of everyone, if I do this project? And if I get a no, then I wont do it. So pendulums are very handy for answering yes/no questions and for working indoors and quietly. That's the basic rules about using a pendulum and next we'll be moving into how to work with the Y-Rod, which is a very basic tool that's been around for centuries, where there is even images of them in the 1400s when they were looking for tin lines in England. So we'll go to the Y-Rod next.