Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dowsing Expert Marty Cain discusses dowsing.

    Marty Cain: Hi! I'm Marty Cain from American Society of Dowsers and today I'm going to be teaching you the rudiments of basic dowsing. In the series we'll be showing you, how to create the tools and how to use them? But before I get into that I want to tell you a little bit about, what dowsing is? It's an actual human ability that's natural. There's nothing strange about it. So anyone that, is human can dowse and I've taught hundreds and hundreds of people, how to dowse. And I'm not that one that couldn't get a reaction from at least one of the tools that I'll be teaching you how to make and use today.

    In this series of demonstrations, I am going to be showing you how to use and make the different tools. And the first one we'll be working with this, is the L-rod which is one that I find that actually everybody is able to get a response on. The second one we'll look at is a pendulum, which is the old fashioned one where in the old days we used a needle and thread to find out if you're going to have a boy or a girl. The third one we'll be looking at is a Y-rod, which is a very typical instrument, it's the one that the old fashioned dowsers used to find tin mines and all kinds of things in early Europe. And then the last one we'll show you is the Bobber, which is similar to others but a lot easier to make. So we'll talk about all of those. So the tools and the equipment you'll need to follow these demonstrations are as follows. For the L-rods, you'll need a coat hanger, a couple of ball point pens that have run out of ink, and some good heavy duty wire cutters. For the pendulum, you'll need a ball of string, a sinker or a knot or something that has a weight on it, and a pair of scissors to cut the string. And for the Y-rod and the Bobber, for both of those tools you'll need clippers for cutting branches, and then of course, you will need some branches. Because dowsing is not an exact science, it's really a read out of your intuition of what you're receiving on an intuitive level from the world.

    There are a few things you need to look out for, and things that help you in your dowsing. The first thing is to practice a lot. The more you practice, the better you get. The second aspect that you need to worry about is to not invade anybody else's privacy. So you want to be really respectful of other people and other ways of living. And the third thing is that integrity is essential. Your own integrity, as well as, a sense of trusting that which you get, and the more you practice and the more it comes out right, the more you're going to trust it. There are mistakes that people make in dowsing. And one of them is misinterpreting the information that you get or asking to broad a question, or being too vague in what it is you really want. And I'll go over more of that as I'm demonstrating the tools. But those are the real hazards in terms of dowsing. Another is to make an assumption that something is so, when you haven't checked it thoroughly out.

    Dowsing is not a replacement for your intelligence and it's not something you give your power away for. You always have the last to say as to whether you do anything. So, dowsing is just more information that you can use in your everyday life or in exploring things you don't yet know much about.

    Now, in terms of myself, I have been dowsing since I was six years old, I was taught to dowse by my Lithuanian grandfather who was called the Water Witch of my hometown in Newport, New Hampshire. And so I've also studied a lot, I've worked with some of the master dowsers. People that I held in the highest respect and they have been world renowned dowsers.

    So, what I'm going to be teaching you is similar to what I've taught for last eight years at the American Society of Dowsers which has a convention and I have been the Co-Director of the Beginning School for at least seven years, and taught at that school before that. So, I'm not new to this and I'll try to cover everything, that I think, you need to know that is very, very basic to dowsing. So let's get started, let's actually look at the tools.