Drawing & Carving the Radioactive Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Nardone from ExtremePumpkins.com shows you how to carve a radioactive pumpkin.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I am Tom from extremepumpkins.

    com. We're carving a radioactive pumpkin. We cut it all. Gut it out from the bottom, put the plug back into it and now we are going to design it and carve it.

    The number one element of this pumpkin is going to be a radioactive symbol. This is going to be up at the top, and it's going to be oozing radioactive waste.

    So first, I am going to draw the circle for that symbol, then that symbol has three petals, so I'll draw, one petal up here, one petal down here. I am sure there is some name for these, it isn't petal but that's all I think of them. Almost like a propeller. And one symbol down there, so that will be our radioactive symbol.

    Now we are going to make the guy's face sort of looking up at these, like, oh my gosh, there is radioactive waste oozing from my head. So big eyes like this, may be this, and I am going to give big sort of asymmetrical nostrils and a sad mouth.

    Now I am going to pick up my pumpkin carving tool, and I am going to just going to start carving. There we go. It's basically selling out the sucker, each carving at a time, each piece. If you want a good corner, you've got to pull the tool out and jab it back again. You can't try to round that corner like this, just doesn't end up with that sharp edge on.

    Sometimes a piece won't come out real easy. So in that case, just reach in the inside and push, pops right up for you.

    And then to speed things along, sometimes I use a jigsaw. It's just like a pumpkin carving tool, but it goes faster.

    His nostrils are really good, they are going to make it look like a really defective and deformed pumpkin. I am excited.

    Popping these bad boys out one at a time. I'll do the mouth and eyes.

    One thing I like about pumpkin carving is, symmetry and accuracy aren't really that important and that's why I use that dry-erase marker. If you use the permanent marker when you are done carving, you'd have all this ugly marker on there. But since it's dry-erase, I can just sort of rub it away and I am hiding my sins, a nice tip, especially for lazy folks like myself.

    Alright, just some nostrils and eyes to go. When doing eyes, I am going to leave this part, we'll call it like the iris. I'll leave that in place and I'll shave this skin off of it. But I am going to cut this sort of crescent shape piece out, like so.

    Notice how when I am carving with the jigsaw, I've got my hand outside of the pumpkin or I could see all five of my fingers. The reason I want to -- you can see all five of my fingers, because I want to keep all five of my fingers. If you start putting your hand on the inside of the pumpkin in cutting, you're going to end up coming up a little short sometime. So remember, keep your hand on a harm's way.

    I am going to pop this guy out. We are getting close, this has not taken us long, and it won't take you long on Halloween to make a radioactive pumpkin either.

    Just a couple of nostrils left, and we'll get rid of all this dry-erase marker and it'll look nice. I am actually going to use my little carving tool for the nostrils, maybe a little more delicate work than yeah, jigsaw is capable of.

    There we go. One radioactive pumpkin face all carved.

    So in our next step, we are going to do some special effects to make this look great. We'll talk about using the glow sticks and getting them all glow up.