Drawing & Carving the Skull Pumpkin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Nardone from ExtremePumpkins.com shows you how to draw the design and carve your pumpkin to create a skull.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I'm Tom from ExtremePumpkins.

    com. We're carving a skull pumpkin. We've gutted our pumpkin, has no guts or seeds left in it, so it's easy to carve. Now, we're going to draw a face on it, we're going to cut out the eyeholes, where the nostrils would be, and where the mouth will be.

    So here we go. I've got a dry erase marker, which is, as I've told that I like to use to mark on the pumpkin. I'm going to draw the eyes in place. About, almost halfway down the pumpkin is where the eye should be. There is a lot of brain space above where your eyes are, so the eye sockets are going to look roughly like this. When I think of the shape of eye sockets, I think of those aviator glasses like policeman wear. That's sort of the right shape for an eye socket on a skull. Try to make them roughly of the same size, I don't think I did a very good job with that right here.

    This one a little bit deeper, two nostrils, nostrils on a skull are generally just kind of a triangle shape even. Then for the mouth, we're actually going to carve teeth into it at some point, but for now, just going to make like a line across, then like an opening here. I'll show you how that works. That's going to work roughly, because eventually, we're going to carve some teeth into this space here and this space here. But, that's coming up later.

    So, here we go. We've got it all drawn in place. Now I'm going to take my pumpkin carving tool and I'm going to cut out these openings. When you're carving, your piece doesn't want to pop out, push from the inside. Look at that, we're carving pumpkins, now folks, here we go, eyehole number two. One of the things I love about carving pumpkins is, it's not really art class, you don't have to be perfect or symmetric. These things can be rough. Nobody really expects your pumpkins to have the same size of eyehole on either side, so here we go.

    Started to look more like a skull now. Let's do the nostrils. I'm sure there's some technical term for what the nose holes in your skull are. I do not know that term, so I'm calling it the nostril. And then for the mouth, I'm not cutting very much at the mouth right now, because, it's always easier to remove the material later. You can never add it back again. So I'm being fairly cautious now.

    In the next clip, we're going to take the skin off the pumpkin. After that, I'll be able to make some more design decisions about our pumpkin here. For now, I just wanted to know approximate location of our mouth. So, I set it right about there. So the major holes are cut in our pumpkin, we've got our eyes, our nostrils, and our mouth.

    Next, I'm going to take a grinder and I'm going to grind the skin off the pumpkin, and I'm going to add some contour to the skull. And having these holes in place will allow me to do that. I'll know where the top of the teeth are going to start, where the bottom of the teeth are going to start, and where all of this should sort of fill in.

    So that's in our next clip, grinding the skin.