Drawing & Cutting the Jack-o-Lantern Face

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Champion pumpkin carver Tom Nardone demonstrates drawing & cutting the Jack-o-Lantern Face.

    Tom Nardone: Hi! I'm Tom from extremepumpkins.

    com, we are covering our basic Jack-o-lantern, we've got our pumpkin all prepped. And we've got -- I hope you have a dry-erase marker. You don't really have to have one but you are watching these videos for good tips and this is a good tip.

    So, we're just going to draw a Jack-o-lantern face on here with our marker. I am going to start with some triangle eyes because that's sort of what Jack-o-lanterns are suppose to have. May be I'll make a little cross-eyed because that's funny, ha ha ha cross-eyed! And then two eyes, may be a nose in here.

    One thing I like about pumpkin carving is, you don't have to be very good at it. In our class everything have to be symmetric and look right like you can't draw your grandma's picture and have one eye bigger than the other. But you can do that on a pumpkin. So, don't worry about what you are drawing, just have fun.

    So now I am going to draw a mouth, you know usually a Jack-o-lantern has got some sort of triangle teeth, may be a couple down here, may be one over here, requires one there, may be not one over here, don't want to looking too good So, I've got them drawn. Now I'm just going to cut them out with a Pumpkin Carving Tool. I'm going to use the one from this kit just to show you how it's done, and then I'll move over to my professional level tool. Jab it in there, straight in, and you just saw it.

    When you come to a corner, sometimes it helps to jab it in again, connected up there, like this. See, not Rocket Science, right? This little piece pops right out. Clean up this little edge in here, so we've got a little extra piece there, and because we gathered the pumpkin before we started these pieces just pop out for us.

    I'm just kind of move to this tool because what I'm used to, can hum a little happy tune while you do this, if you really wanted to, but other people might think you are a little crazy if you do. Okay, you've got this piece it didn't pop out, what do I do? Pull up the top, stick your finger in there, see, woo! And then remember how we are using these dry-erase markers. See you can get rid of this little piece here, and it looks like you did it all free-hand. Try that with a permanent marker.

    And then how did I become a famous Pumpkin Carver? Because I use one of these. Watch this, note, my hand is outside the pumpkin, I don't stick it in here because then you come up like that.

    Cut through there and no trouble at all, pops our nose. Now we can move on to the mouth.

    I hope I didn't leave you behind when I started using the jigsaw because we really could do all of this with this pumpkin saw, just I'm lazy, you know, I just don't have the time for that kind of thing. I've got people to see in, business deals to make, you know, though I prefer pumpkin carver, it's filled with excitement. Actually I've got football games to watch.

    Alright! Here's another tip, this piece is not going to come out in one shot. So the way to do it is try to break it into a couple of pieces. Look I am just going to cut across, stand out the line for these teeth, and I can get all three pieces out once. One, two, three, oops, made four. And I can wipe off this dry-erase marker. Look a little better. Dry-erase marker rubs off really well too if you let it dry for a little bit; there you go! You are pretty close to your finished Jack-o-lantern. Put out top back in.

    Next time we are going to talk about how to make it last as long as possible. We worked hard on this thing, we don't want it to rot in two days.

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