Dress for an Interview – The Golden Rules of Grooming

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Image stylist Kara Alford discusses how to groom yourself for an interview.

    Kara Alford

    Kara Y. Alford is La Femme Wonderworks, Inc, Director and certified Image Stylist. Kara believes that image is an inside job and encourages clients to incorporate their personalities when creating a personal style. Kara has resided in Northern Virginia for over thirty years. While working at retail stores, such as Express, Petite Sophisticate and Ann Taylor, she coordinated exciting and innovative fashion shows. She keeps up with today’s fashions and uses them to accentuate her clients’ best features. With her youthful appearance and keen eye, she attracts a diverse audience, demographically. Being a Gen-Xer has allowed Kara to stay in the flow of the fashion for all ages and trends as well as those that are tried and true. Kara has an AA in Marketing and is also pursuing a B.A in Communications at George Mason University. Kara is a Makeup Artist and certified Image Consultant through the International Association of Image Consultants International. She became interested in providing professional consultant services after giving family and friends’ advice for years. Kara has been an Image Stylist professionally for six years. She has always been a fashion enthusiast and believes in the statement “Image is everything: What is yours saying about you?” She has received extensive training in image consulting including D. Mathis Enterprises, which is located in Washington, D.C., and most recently completed Level I certification from Body Beautiful, Carla Mathis, in New York. Kara has also provided image makeovers and consultations for corporate professionals. Kara assisted these professionals in developing an individual’s personal style by finding the best looks in color, makeup and wardrobe analysis to for the purpose of furthering their professional and personal lives.

    Kara Alford: Hi, I am Kara Alford from La Femme Wonderworks. Today, we are talking about How to dress professionally for an interview. Right now, we are going to talk about the five golden rules of grooming. First of all, it has to be said that you should always take a bath or a shower everyday, not just for your interview, but especially for the interview. Brush your teeth and wear deodorant; those are the basics. We wont go into other things, but thats enough for that. Your hair; it should be clean and styled. Dont go to an interview with wet hair. Angela has a very nice; her hair is about mid length here on her back and it looks very nice in the back. Dont wear -- or have wild colors for conservative industries. For your nails; Angela also has very nice nails. They are not manicured, but they are clean and they are trimmed. So, you want to have that for your nails. Makeup; she has very lighter minimal makeup, just not mascara and a little bit of lip gloss, which is great. We dont want to have clown cheeks. Okay, So thats about it, for the five golden rules. Next, we are going to talk about the tattoos and piercings.

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