Drew Barrymore Just Solved Your Lunch Rut With One Delicious Wrap

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ditch your stale, old PB&J, and revamp lunchtime with a raw gorilla wrap that is protein packed, gluten free, and surprisingly hearty. Armed with this recipe, you’ll never succumb to the afternoon slump again. It’s no wonder this is Drew Barrymore’s go-to meal!

    Matthew Rodrigues: Lunch time is about to get real exciting in here, thanks to one of Drew Barrymore Go-To Recipes. POPSUGAR Fitness Editor Michele Foley joins me with a healthy spin on your everyday sandwich; finally, something savory up in this kitchen.

    Michele Foley: You are excited!

    Matthew Rodrigues: I am excited!

    Michele Foley: Lunch is exciting!

    Matthew Rodrigues: It's so exciting!

    Michele Foley: It's so exciting! It's an important meal, if you eat the wrong thing for lunch, I mean it can just give you an afternoon slump that lasts all the way to dinner. So to keep energy levels up we are making a nutrient rich collard greens wrap.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Collard greens; I love collard greens because they are multifunctional.

    Michele Foley:Thank you! We actually featured this recipe on POPSUGAR.

    com and our readers loved it, so big thank you to Drew.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I like Drew Barrymore because her approach to health is realistic.

    Michele Foley: Absolutely! Through her entire career Drew has never succumbed to Hollywood pressures, to sort of fit a certain mold, be a certain way.

    Matthew Rodrigues: She never has.

    Michele Foley: Never. And we saw this most recently with her pregnancies, where she didn't go out and try and lose 50 pounds in a month, instead she stuck to healthy meals like this.

    Matthew Rodrigues: All right, sounds good! So we have got some walnuts.

    Michele Foley: Yes, you are going to pulse these in the food processor. When that's done, just add it here to this bowl, and I am going to add these different spices here. So we have tamari soy sauce, we also have some cumin. You know all of these --Matthew Rodrigues: So these walnuts are basically acting like the meats of the sandwich.

    Michele Foley: Yeah, full of protein.

    Matthew Rodrigues: And they are really good for you; I have a handful everyday.

    Michele Foley: You are doing it right man. I mean, they are full of vitamins, omega-3, it's good for skin health, heart health, so many things. We have got coriander here and a little cayenne and chili pepper. So metabolism boosting spices, so all these things --Matthew Rodrigues: And this is it.

    Michele Foley: That's it.

    Matthew Rodrigues: It's all we do.

    Michele Foley: Yeah, and we are just --Matthew Rodrigues: People are like, what, they are going to eat a sandwich with just nuts?

    Michele Foley: Yeah, you don't have to cook anything. So you are just going to add this, like you are making a little burrito. I am going to top it with some salsa. So easy.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Great! All right, let's try these at a pre-made, and all you have to do is just wrap it up. Michele Foley: Just like a burrito. Matthew Rodrigues: I will try this. It's like a little burrito. It smells like a takari up in here. Michele Foley: Yeah, it smells really hearty, very spicy. What do you think? Oh, this is a good thing. Matthew Rodrigues: This is the best thing that you have made on this show.

    Michele Foley: Seriously?

    Matthew Rodrigues: It is the best thing you have made on this show.

    Michele Foley: Would you have guessed its ingredients?

    Matthew Rodrigues: I don't even want to talk anymore, I just want to eat. Thank you so much Michele! So good!