Drills to Build Weightlifting Strength

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Strongman athlete Travis Ortmayer demonstrates how to do drills to build weightlifting strength.

    Travis Ortmayer: Hey there, this is Travis Ortmayer with Athletic Nation. In this segment I am going to teach you how to do some of the supplemental lifts that are going to help your Olympic lift get stronger, faster, more efficient. Right up first we are going to do what's called the Clean and Push press, clean the weight through the shoulders, now push press, just like the jerk, we started on the shoulders, dipped the legs, push the weight up hard, only now you don't split your legs out and try to drop under the bar, you stand up tall and you press the weight out. You will be able to handle as much weight this way, but it will get your and triceps heck of a lot stronger.

    Sets of 1-5 are usually most beneficial for power, you can do sets of 8-10 just to change things up, give you fresh day at the training. Alright the next thing we have is the Dead Lift. The Dead Lift is going to increase your low back, hip and hamstring power, it is going to give you more control over the bar, a lot more power to lift it up the ground and a lot more explosion how to get that bar to the shoulders or overhead if you are doing the Snatch, either way. This is one of the best lifts, works every muscle in the entire body, can even go really heavy.

    As with all our lifts starting on the ground, put your feet about a shoulder width, somewhere around the jumping position maybe a little bit wider, get a good solid grip on the bar, we are going to arch our back, put our chest up, arm straight, take a deep breath, lift the bar slowly and steadily off the ground, all the way to lock out. Now, this one you want to keep a little closer to the shins and lift up and back. Now you have got your head up, shoulders back, hips through, knees locked, this is the end of the lift, this is a good lift. Back down under control, that's the Dead Lift. Although there are many lifts that can benefit both the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, the last one I am going to show you is the High Pull with the Olympic technique. Now, this is similar to either a Clean or Snatch depending on which hand position you take. You are going to take the bar from the floor to just over the knees, this is right about when you rock back pushing knees forward and you are about to jump up with the bar, we are going to stay there in that hang position, jump hard, pull the bar bottom to the bottom on the chest and let it back down, this is going to work on our hip, jumping power as well as our traps that triple extension. We are trying to built as much explosive power as we possibly can. So, with this start out light, warm up but you can go real heavy for sets of 1-3, and low with bar under control we finish it. Those are some of the basic supplemental exercises you can do to help your Olympic lifts. This is going to built you a very strong foundation, give you lot of stability, lot of coordination and lot of strength to work with. This is Travis Ortmayer with Athletic Nation, thanks for watching.

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