Drills to Perfect Your Basketball Shot

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Basketball expert Arthur Jackson demonstrates how to shoot a basketball, including drills to perfect your shot.

    Arthur Jackson: Hi! I am Arthur Jackson from One on One Basketball. Now, I am going to give you some shooting drills that you can practice at home. One of the great things about this game -- again all you need is a ball and a basket, but for some of these drills, you don't even need the basket. In order to become a good shooter, you can practice a lot of these things even without the basket. You can do it right in your own home. The first drill we are going to do is working on our form and again, I am using a multicolored ball, so I can see the rotation because this is really working on touch and follow through.

    As I lie down on the ground, making sure everything is flat, I want to put my arm up at 90 degrees, get my wrist back at 90 degrees and I place the ball in the center of my hand. My hand goes right in the center. Now, what I am going to do is drive the ball up and follow through, working on my rotation. I want to make sure that it's coming off my finger tips and my wrist is going straight over. Again try to make that multicolored ball flow into one color as I drive up. For those of you that are younger and it's hard with one hand, you can use the opposite hand, but make sure as we drive it up, the other hand stays off the ball, driving up and through. We also want to make sure that if you doing this at home you don't have any lamps or breakable objects behind you in case you lose control of the ball. Drive it straight through, up into the air.

    The next drill is a follow-up on the drill we just did and working on form and follow through. We are going to start sitting in the chair, so that again we now can work on rather than just or upper part of our arm. We are going to use our hold motion. So, we start low and we drive the ball up to the sky, keeping in a right angle and driving it up, releasing the ball, concentrating on, again, getting that left hand off the ball and following straight over. I have the multicolored ball, so I make sure that my rotation is smooth. I want to make sure my rotation is straight over, so that the ball spins in the uniform motion driving it up, concentrating on my follow through; this is what we improve touch and shooting form with, drills like this.

    The next thing we are going to do is, what I call, one handed shooting and this is very important to improving your shooting form. When I was an inside player and I needed to learn how to shoot, this is something that I did everyday, working on my form. We are going to start off with our elbow underneath the ball, keeping the right angles and with one hand I am going to simply drive the ball up and into the basket. Working on that motion, we talked about consistency and good form. If I have my right angles with my shoulder, my elbow and my wrist I set and I drive the ball up in into the basket, making sure that again, using the multicolored ball, we see good rotation straight through the basket. As you make a bunch in a row, you can take a step back; your form should not change. You get your elbow underneath the ball, hand centered, we drive it up and into the basket, holding our follow through. For those of you, again, the ball is too heavy, either get a lighter ball or you can use the opposite hand, but do not use your fingers. Put your hand on the side, so that as you drive up the other hand comes off. Make sure that your fingers are not touching the ball; you put your hand on the side, we drive it up and into the basket. We want to make sure that we are getting our shooting form straight through. One of the other things that you have notice is when I do my shooting, I am always standing in the center and that's because I want to see if I miss a shot, I want to know why. If I miss in a left, normally, that means the ball is rolling off my hand and I am turning my wrist over a little bit to the left. If I missed to the right it is probably because I was relying too much on my left and as I pulled away, I am shooting across my body. So, make sure when you are practicing the drills, do them straight in front, so that if you can see the pattern of the ball and know why you miss the shot if you miss it.

    Again, starting with your elbow underneath it, drive it up and into the basket. You are trying to drive the ball, so that it drops down through the net. A lot of times as you have been practicing this, you can do it so you make five squishes in a row before you can move back. See how far you can get back, working on your one handed shooting form. The last we are going to do, having just done the one handed shooting form, a lot of people ask me the best in how you shoot in the game. Actually that is how you are going to shoot in the game. So, now it's important to work on the preparation of the actual four forms together.

    Again, I want to start, like in a game, I get a call to pass, I keep my hand to the side, my elbows tucked in right angles, I bring my opposite hand to the ball. Now, I am going to drive the ball up and release the other hand, follow through to the basket. So, now we are making it a little bit more game-like, but it's the same exact form. As I drive up, I release and into the basket. Again, if you make five, ten in a row, start low, you can work your way back, form should stay the exact same. I want to make sure that I am not bringing the ball to the center of my body. I don't bring it to the opposite hand. I keep it out in front. My hand is centered; bring my opposite hand to the ball; now I can drive it up and into the basket. Another important concept that we have talk about is where should our eyes be. As we are going up for these drills, makes sure that your form is set, then make sure you have your eyes on the target. We don't want to be looking at our form as we are shooting. So, as I am coming up, my eyes are on the target. I release through and make the shot. So, if you go on practice these drills and work on your form, hopefully that will help you become a better basketball shooter.