Drink Recipes – How to Make a Mojito

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Flair bartender Moe Harris demonstrates how to make a mojito.

    Moe Harris

    Moe began his career behind the bar 13 years ago on the beaches of Acapulco Mexico. Since then, Not only has he bartended all over the world, but competed in and won various local, national and international competions in speed, accuracy and flair. He has been teaching his trade at the Professional Bartending School in Arlington Va since 2002. He has also taught bartending for the O.A.S (Organization of American States) in the Caribbean, as well as led alcohol based seminars for the Smithsonian institution in Washington D.C. and made various t.v appearances exhibiting flair. In 2005 Moe took his show from behind the bar, and put it on stage where he and his flair bartending friends put on their "POUR BOY" show. The show is a flair bartending exhibiton, where he and his friends perform in an all night event showcasing their bottle flipping talents. When asked what the most important part of bartending, Moe responds "Service...good service will always make up for a horrible drink, but a great drink will never make up for bad service.".

    Hi guys! My name is Moe Harris and I'm here in the Professional Bartending School in Arlington, Virginia and today I'm going to show you how to make a really popular drink nowadays. It's called a mohito. Now, it can seem very complicated, let me break it down nice and easy. I'll like to think that the mohito as a basic highball drink, and again what a highball drink is, is this and that, Rum and Coke, Gin and Tonic, Vodka and Cranberry. I like to think this as double rum meaning double the amount of Rum that you normally use, and soda water. Its double rum and soda with a whole bunch of next step in between. There is a little bit of preparation involved. First thing we are going to need is a couple of chunks of lime right here, throw those right in there. We need a little bit of sugar, a pack of sugar or sugar cube which really nice if you have at your bar, something called simple syrup which is basically a sugar syrup. Weve got a nice little sprig of fresh mint, and we toss it on there. Next what we are going to do is, we are going to muddle all this stuff together and this is our muddling stick and basically by muddle, I mean we are just going to squash it all up, and basically obviously I'm squeezing the juice out of lime, its all mixed in with the sugar and we are breaking up the mint leaves. We are breaking up the veins in that thing. The lime is going to be use is like a flavoring agent. The sugar obviously is going to be a sweetening agent, and the mint isn't so much for flavor, it's more of a refreshing quality to this drink. Anyways, once you have done muddling, again you always want to have clean equipment, we are going to wash that. All we can do is add a little bit of ice to this, nice little scoop of ice, always use your ice scoop, and now we are going to start with a double rum. Lets go with two ounces of a good rum - one, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight. All I'm going to do is add some ice to this mix, I'm going to shake it up. The shaking isn't really used for chilling this drink: it's more of fusing all these flavors into the rum. Once I do that I'm going to empty all that into my highball glass. We are going to top it off with a splash of soda water, hence the double rum and soda. Finally, we are going to give it a nice garnish, you could break off a nice little sprig of mint, and that is your mohito.