Drive for Distance-Club Release Drill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    PGA golf professional Drew Shurbet demonstrates a club release drill.

    Drew Shurbet: Hello! I am Drew Shurbet, Head Golf Professional at Quail Run Golf Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I am here today to give you a couple of drills on club release that will help you hit it longer and straighter like Tiger Woods. Now what Tiger Woods and the rest of the best players in the world do, most of average amateurs do not do, is they may deliver club in to the ball, the club head is behind their hand. Most amateurs have a tendency to hit it on the upswing. So when we are delivering the club this way, you see how there is pronounced bow in our left wrist and this allows for this club to be dragged in the impact through our rotation.

    So by doing this, it is going to give us more control and we are going to be able to hit the sweet spot more often. A great drill to try is just to grip the club cross handed just like you would have crosshand a putting grip, but we are going to go ahead and put our fingers around it and the whole idea is just to make little swings, but this way you will feel how that left wrist can really bow down and we are trying to hit the driver right where our swing arc stops going downward and right before it comes up.

    So we are hitting at the very flat spot. So a great idea is to just make a few little swings just to feel that and to groove it. Something you can do is just with the tee in the ground, just try to brush the top of the tee with those pans in that reverse fashion. I also have another drill, but I am going go have to go grab a towel to do it.

    So hopefully, every golfer has a towel on their bag because we need to keep our clubs clean. But not only dows the towel keep our clubs clean, it is a great training aid when we let it be. So what I would like for you to do is just get your towel and whether you have a grommet you can affix it to the shaft or if you have a big towel like I do, you would just go ahead and tie it to our club shaft and I am going to let it sit on the head.

    Now by doing this, we have increased the club's weight and by increasing the club's weight we are going to have more feel of how that club has to be behind our hands coming in the impact. So this is a great drill just to make some slow swings to get that feeling and that sensation that as we come down in the impact, the club head is behind our hands and that will give you more control and it will help you hit it further because you will be hitting the sweet spot more often.

    So I hope these drills work out great for you and do not go anywhere because we are coming back with a width drill.