Drive for Distance-Club Width Drill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    PGA golf professional Drew Shurbet demonstrates a club width drill.

    Drew Shurbet: Hello! I am Drew Shurbet, Head Golf Professional at Quail Run Golf Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico and today I am going to give you a quick drill on how to maintain the width in your golf swing. Maintaining the width in your golf swing is extremely important for two reasons. Number one, it gives us our width in the golf swing, it gets our arc away from our body so that we can generate power and speed. The other thing it does is it allows us to synchronize our arm swing with our shoulder rotation. The average golfer has a tendency to cover their pectoral muscles with their left arm just folding the club around themselves, giving themselves a false turn. So by doing this and they create slack and the arms become basically loose and it becomes an arm swing. What I am going to do today is I am going to give you a little drill to help keep that width away from your body, so as you turn, you stay at full arm's length. Imagine in a golf swing that your left arm is really a tetherball rope and it is tied to our body. There is no need for us to make that rope shorter because that is going to cover on potential for to create speed and power. So we want that as long as possible and a way to drill this is in the back swing, just make half swings. Try to get you on parallel with the ground, this gives us full width. For bending it all here, we can actually take our right arm and push it away from us to get that full body and that full arc in our golf swing.

    By always dissecting your golf swing, you can break it down and get some more body awareness and increase our timing. So the drill is, just make half swings until we get the club vertical. Get your arm parallel with the ground by pushing inside on and hit the shot through rotation. That width and the width that we are working on this drill is much the same as Tiger Woods' width. He has that incredible long width where that club seems to be at a full long left arm extension away from his body and that allows him to hit those long powerful drives.

    So anyway, I hope this drill helps you. I hope all of these drills have helped you and hopefully someday we can all hit as good as Tiger Woods. Thanks for watching.