Drive for Distance-Posture & Balance Drill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    PGA golf professional Drew Shurbet demonstrates how to do a drill for balance and posture.

    Drew Shurbet: Hello! I am Drew Shurbet, Head Golf Professional at Quail Run Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I am here to show you a drill for balance and posture so you too can drive it for distance and control like Tiger Woods. When we are dealing with posture in the golf swing with our driver, the most important thing is that we have our weight in the right position because golf is a game played on a foundation. If our weight is too far forward as we swing, it is going to force us to straighten up and then send our rear end backward so that we have room to swing underneath us. If our weight is too far on our heels then we are going to be back here not taking advantage of the separation between our shoulders and our hips. So the weight is going to be coming back and we are going to be hitting it that way. So a couple good ideas for you to have is when you set up to the golf shot, you want to feel as if your weight is actually on the arches of your feet. We do not want to be toe heavy, we do not want to be heel heavy. Even if we think about putting the weight under the ball of our foot, it is still going to kick our knees forward and get us leaning into where our weight is on our toes.

    A good way to crosscheck this with yourself is, if you put that weight down on to your arches, your bracket basically will align with the center of your ankle. We do not want to be leaning forward and if we are leaning backwards and putting our weight on our heels, our toes are going to rise and our bracket is going to be behind our shafting. So what we are looking to do and this is how I want you to check yourself, is get the weight in the aches of your foot, run that club and make sure that the slit of your bracket is somewhere near that shaft.

    It is never going to be exactly on the shaft, but we do not want it behind it, we do not want in front of it. Then if you just imagine, if you are standing against wall, just bring that spine tilt down when your arm reaches out, that line can almost be coming right for your spine back up in to the wall. So a good idea to think of is, just to take the cub and as if you are standing against the wall and lean forward to where you feel like you are about 30 degrees forward. We do not want to be 45 because leaned over like this is going to be our our belt buckle and if we are standing up like this, it can be up into our chest.

    So just remember, weight in the middle of your feet like you are pushing your arches flat, brackets above your ankles, your back forward about 30 degrees. Remember, that is going to allow you to swing around your body for more distance and control. So the next drill that we are going to do is going to be a shoulder rotation drill. So do not go away.