Drive for Distance-Shoulder Rotation Drill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    PGA golf professional Drew Shurbet demonstrates a Shoulder Rotation Drill.

    Drew Shurbet: Hello! I am Drew Shurbet, Head Golf Professional at Quail Run Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I am here to show you a Shoulder Rotation Drill, to give you more distance to your drives. When you watch Tiger Woods on the television, you will notice, every one of his Tee-shots his shoulders move the entire time and that is because all good golfers do this in the sense that the shoulders are our larger bracket and our hips are our smallest bracket. Our hips and lower body are the foundation that we can then use our rotation on top of. So what we are trying to do is I am going to give you a drill to keep those shoulders moving the entire time just like Tiger Woods.

    So a great drill for most of the people to try, is one when we actually bring our feet together. They do not have to be touching, but they do have to be close because this is going to force us to keep our body vertical, straight up and down, so that we can rotate. What this is going to do is, number one, it is going to force you to have to use your shoulders and realize that, that is where the power is coming from, not from our hips. Because when you are in this position, if your hips become the catalyst for the power you are going to get out of alignment and you are going to have a hard time hitting the ball and your balance is going to be a sure fire sign that we got out of alignment.

    So next time you go to the driving range you want to try this drill. You will surprise yourself because you will hit it almost as far this way as you do with your feet all the way out here in this, what you consider a power position. But that is why this drill is so great. Number one, it makes your shoulders have to do all the work and number two, it gives you some body awareness, because even though we play golf a lot, what we feel and what we actually see are two different things. So just remember when you get to the driving range, just put your feet together and this is going to keep our spine vertical and so when we do this drill, it is going to allow our shoulders to rotate around our spine.

    Then as you will hit the balls, you will be surprised that the ball goes almost as far as it did when your feet were all the way out in the full balance position. So this drill is great in the sense that it will give you some body awareness and it will make you feel that your shoulders are doing all the work. So I hope that drill works for you and do not go away because next we are going to have a club release drill.