Drive Thru Safari

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Carrie McLaren finds the perfect place to take the family near West Palm Beach, Fl—a drive thru Safari with rides and a water park.

    Carrie McLaren: This is the place I knew I had to bring my kids, just to see these animals and to experience that it's something that you can't find everywhere.

    David Backus: One of the things I really enjoy about the zoo field in general and just being a zoo-keeper is taking people out on the safari, and you can educate your kids and your entire family about animals and about conservation while doing it.

    Kristyn Warrell: The first time I saw a lion, I was actually a child. I went here for Safari Day Camp when I was about 6 years old. I loved the experience so much that I decided that I wanted to work with animals from here on out.

    Carrie McLaren: It's been really important to us to get out as a family and learn about conservation. So it's been a fantastic day for us to be together as a family.