Driveway Basketball Games – All Star Shoot Out

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Michael Sweeten from Lifetime Products demonstrates how to play all star shootout.

    Michael Sweeten: I'm Michael Sweeten with Lifetime Products. Today we've been learning five fun family games that you can play at home with your family. The final game we're going to be learning about is All-Start Shootout.

    All-Star Shootout is taken from an old professional basketball exhibition game. The game is for two or more players and involves gathering points by taking shots from different spots around the court. To prepare the court, select 10-15 shooting spots around the basket. These should be in different locations and each requires a different level of shooting prowess. Assign each circle or extra point value.

    We recommend marking the court with a piece of side-walk chalk or with tape to designate each circle or shooting spot and its point value. One player begins with the ball and dribbles to a circle out on the court. If they make a shot from that particular circle, they are awarded the point value given to that circle.

    Each player is given ten shots and has the option of taking their shots from any point on the court. An extra player may stand under the basket and rebound the ball for the shooter, as well as help keep score. You can also give each shooter a time limit, just to raise the stakes. It's always fun to create one shooting circle with the high point value in a crazy place on the court, behind the basket, across the driveway or patio, to tempt players with the ability to make a lot of points with one shot. After the ten shots are taken, the player adds up their points. The shooter with the most points is crowned the winner.

    So that's how you play All-Star Shootout. This, along with the other games that we've learned today, are great ways to improve your skill and help your family get up, get out, stay active and, most important of all, to have fun.