Driveway Basketball Games – Around the World

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Michael Sweeten from Lifetime Products demonstrates how to play around the world.

    Michael Sweeten: I'm Michael Sweeten with Lifetime Products. Today we're learning five fun family games that you can play with your family at home. Right now we're going to be playing Around the World.

    Around the World is a great shooting game that can be played by two or more players. In this game, a player must make a series of shots arranged in and around the key. When a shot is made from one position, the player moves onto the next position, and after making that shot, they move on again, and so on. Every shot must be made in succession in order for a player to be crowned the winner. It's a great game of endurance and accuracy and can go on for quite some time if you're not accurate with your shots.

    The game begins with a designated number of stops arranged around the basket. It typically starts at a corner of the key and each spot is located in a circular motion around the key. You can mark these spots on your driveway using sidewalk chalk or tape. We recommend five spots around the key to begin with. Place spots at the free-throw line and, finally, underneath the basket.

    When a shot is made, the player moves on. However, if the shot is missed, the player gets one chance to take the shot again. If they make the shot, they move on to the next spot. Only one chance is allowed per player, per game. If the player misses the chance shot, or decides not to take their chance shot, they have to start over. The first player to make a shot from every spot on the court in succession is the winner.

    Now that we've played Around the World, our next step is to learn All-Star Shootout.