Driveway Basketball Games – Twenty One

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Michael Sweeten from Lifetime Products demonstrates how to play twenty-one.

    Michael Sweeten: I'm Michael Sweeten with Lifetime Products. Today we've been learning about five fun family games. The next one we're going to be learning how to play is a game we call Twenty-One.

    Twenty-One is a simple variation of a game with one-on-one. The winner is the first player to reach 21 points. The game starts with one player starting out with the ball at the designated three-point line. The first player dribbles out and tries to score. The other player tries to stop the first player from scoring. The player with the ball may take any shot at any time, and if the shot is missed, may go for the rebound and shoot again.

    If the shot is missed and the defensive player rebounds the ball, the ball must be cleared by dribbling beyond the three-point line before taking a shot. If the offensive player makes the shot, the defensive player takes the ball beyond the three-point line and dribbles out and tries to score.

    This is repeated until one player reaches 21 points. Scoring rules vary, but the most common scoring method is by awarding two points for a shot made inside the three-point line. A player may take a shot outside the three-point line, and if it goes in, is awarded three points.

    As you can see Twenty-One is a fun game and can develop many of your basketball skills. Up next, we're going to be learning about Around the World.