Drying and Detailing Your Motorcycle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive cleaning specialist Michael Daiuto demonstrates how to detail a clean motorcycle.

    Michael Daiuto: Hi! I'm Michael at Pro-Clean. Today we are learning how to wash and do a quick detail on a motorcycle. We have got it washed, we have got the suds all rinsed off and everything, and now we are going to dry it, but let me show you a quick couple of things here.

    First of all, an air compressor, very inexpensive, again you could buy it at home depot or any of those places, works great for blowing off excess water around the engine, compartments and things like that, works fantastic, use it at home too filling up inner tubes and things like that, very inexpensive.

    Another thing that can be used also is a leaf blower. Most of them today come on the shop vacuum cleaners, very inexpensive, does a good job and makes things move a lot quicker, of course, you don't need any of that really, you can always just use a towel. Little trick of the trade. some liquid spray wax, you can buy they call it Detail Wax, it works between washes, shake it up, lets give a good spray all over everything, paint, chrome everything, give a good spray at that on there, and that will give you a good shine in between wash jobs. Get your towels, get a nice clean one, and then just give it a good drying down. Start at the top always wipe your chrome down as much as you can, get your paint in between the cracks, again stick in your hand in between it so you can stick down inside there and get the areas that are hard to get.

    Get all your chrome, your glass and all those things, and a good thing to remember is try to if you can do it in the shade, so you are not in the sunlight, makes it a lot easier, keeps everything from drying quickly on and everything.

    If your white walls need a little more attention you can get a SOS/Brillo pad things like that, put a little bit of water and do your white walls, so they come up easy, very simple.

    That's about it.

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