Duct Tape Bracelets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Duck Tape’s craft expert shows how to create fun cuff bracelets from duct tape.

    Kristin: Hi! I am Kristin with Duck(r) brand and today I'm going to show you a few different ways to make some duct tape bracelets. We'll be doing a narrow one, a wide one and a reversible one.

    First, I am going to start with the narrow bracelets. You are going to want to take about 8 inches off the roll, tear it. What you are going to do is fold it into thirds. So you take the first side, fold it into the center, press down and then take the other side and just meet at the edges, and then press down.

    So then you have a cool narrow bracelet. You can measure it around your wrist to see about where you need it, and then you can take another piece of tape, just stick it on the end, fold it over and apply it to the bracelet. And there is you have your cool new red bracelet.

    Next, I am going to show you how to make a wide duct tape bracelet and to do that you are going to take about eight inches off the roll. Flip that over. Take about another 8 inches, and then you are going to want to do your best job to get these pieces to line up together.

    So the next I am going to trim on either side and there you have a nice cuff shape and then to secure that we are just going to take another small piece off the roll. Stick it on the end, put that piece over and then secure the band. And there you have a cool pink duct tape cuff.

    Another really cool idea is to make these cuffs reversible. So how you can do that? You can just pick the color of your choice. I am going to use a tie-dye. You can just eyeball it to about the same size as your original cuff, tear the sheet off. Try to make it even just like that. Then I am going to use tie-dye to adhere it. Just apply it right on the bracelet. Fit it how you need it. And there we go. Now the cuff is reversible.

    The great thing about these bracelets is that you can customize them anyway you want. We have variety of colors and patterns that you can use, but in addition to that you can find really interesting accessories to add such as studs. You can also do really cool, interesting duct tape shapes on your bracelets, as well as use hook and loop fasteners.

    And that's how you can make totally customizable duct tape bracelets.