Duct Tape Jack-O-Lantern

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Duck Tape’s craft expert uses duct tape to create an unusual Halloween decoration.

    Kristin: Hi I'm Kristin with Duck brand and today I'm going to show you how to make a duct tape jack-o'-lantern. I'm going to use this plastic pumpkin right here. Well, you can use a regular pumpkin as well.

    To start, I'm going to do the mouth. My mouth is going to be a smiley face, but you can do it ever you want. I'm just going to take about six inch piece and then probably take about an eight inch piece, and then over of lap that right over the six inch piece. Then I'm going to take a utility knife, and it doesn't have to be perfect, but I'm just can it kind of cut out the type of mouth that I want to put on my pumpkin. I'm going to start at the top, just go all the way down, cut a little tooth out at the bottom. Again, it can doesn't have to perfect, and then just take it all the way back up.

    Then what you're going to do is just start with the top and then go back down and all the way up to create the rest of the mouth, just like that, quick and easy. Now I am just going to be really careful to peel the outline of this smile. Now I'm just going to apply that onto the pumpkin. So there is his mouth.

    Next we're going to move on to the eyes. I'm going to use purple, real simple, just going to make some easy triangle eyes, probably tearing off about six inches. Just put that down on the cutting board like so. Take about eight inches, I am just going to overlap that on top of this six inch piece. This way we can cut out two eyes at the same time, and all I am going to do is create two even triangles within these two pieces of tape.

    So I'm just going to take my utility knife and cut one straight line, another straight line, and then just continue to that pattern. Make some easy triangles, very simple. That's one eye. So I'm just going to put that on. Make another eye. So now you have your two eyes and your smiley mouth. Then with this remaining triangle if you want you can even cut it down in further to create a nose.

    Now I'm going to do is just freehand another triangle right out of this piece. Just so it looks a little bit different than the eyes, a little bit different in size. So there you have a duct tape jack-o'-lantern.

    The jack-o'-lantern I created today was pretty simple, but you can get it as creative and wild as you want. For example, this switch here, we created a hat, hair, we used a variety of different colors of duct tape for her face. Another idea is to create a jack-o'-lantern with a scene or a message like this one right here. This one says, Happy Halloween. Another really cool idea is to create fall leaves. For example, this right here is a leaf created from our cosmic tie dye duct tape. You can use a stencil or even use a leaf from your backyard.

    So, these are some cool fall decoration that you can create with duck tape.