Easter Egg Crafts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Mary Gallagher-Stout discusses Easter Egg Crafts.

    Mary Gallagher Stout: Hi! I am Mary Gallagher Stout. Today, we are going to explore egg decorating with all different types of media. Today we are going to walk through a variety of techniques and methods of painting and decorating beautiful Easter eggs.

    First, we are going to blow out an egg. Then the reason we do that is so we can keep the eggs and use them year after, year after, year. They wont go rotten because they are empty. Then we are going to move on to onion skin egg. Then we are going to do a rubber band method, a marbles egg, a tie-dyed egg. So there is something for everybody and I hope you have a good time and learn a lot.

    For each of these egg decorating methods, there are a few materials that will be consistent throughout all of the clips. You will need an egg, a safety pin, a skewer and a bucket to expel the egg yolk into.

    Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a studio artist at the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center. I am a decorative painter and I have been painting for over 10 years, commercially and in residence. So let's get started.