Easy Custom Christmas Tree Skirt

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Seamstress Beth Bates demonstrates how to make a custom Christmas tree skirt.

    Beth Bates: Hi! My name is Beth Bates and I am an Interior Seamstress with the company [email protected]

    com. Today I will be teaching you how to sew your own custom Christmas tree skirt.

    Take your lining, line the edges up like this and fold it again. Line up again to your table, you have a fold here and the two folds here and then the four single edges are here.

    Take our flexible measuring tape and we are sort of going to form a giant compass here and I am just marking little dashes and then come all the way around. Take your scissors and we are going to connect the dashes, kind of like connecting the dots, nice and straight. We have got our pattern; cut out of the lining and now it's time to place it on top of our face fabric or decorative fabric.

    Take the pins and begin pinning, making sure that the lining is nice and smooth as I go around and I will actually be sewing this lining to the fabric. And I am placing my pins approximately four inches apart to ensure that the pattern made out of lining is firmly attached to the fabric and I will begin cutting completely around the pattern.

    The particular trim that I am going to use today is made to be sewn in the seams. So I am going to unpin my lining in my face fabric and I am going to re-pin it together with the trim inside the seam. When I am finished with that, we can go ahead and get sewing. I'm holding your fabric together, move slowly around, taking out the pins and you can go along.

    When I finish up I am going to be sure to back tack where I have ended. Okay, let's take it to the table and cut out the center circle.

    Fold it first into like a half moon and then fold it again and we're going to cut the center circle right here. Now we have to cut the slit to the center circle so that you will be able to wrap it around your tree, like so.

    Pin up one side lacing the pins, may be three inches apart approximately and we are going to go all the way up this side around the inner circle and half way down the other side.

    Notice, how I gently pull, now that I am coming to the end of this inner circle, and we get about half an inch, I'll lift up the foot and turn it pivot it and begin sewing half way down this side of the opening. And again back tack, take our scissors and about every two inches cut a little slit being very careful not to cross the thread where we have just sewn.

    And when we finish going around the outer edges, then we need to do the inside of the circle as well. so I am reaching around all the way through, grabbing the opposite corner, tucking it through and very gently because you dont want to rip, I am going to pull it all the way through.

    So I am going to go all the way out, now I am going to go ahead and begin ironing. You want to make sure your face fabric lays on tope of the line; you do not want your lining to show.

    The last thing we need to do is to sew up the opening that we used to pull the skirt inside out, and all the way up and you can get as close to the edge as you can and once again, back tack and we are finished.

    The last and final step is to put it around your Christmas tree. Happy holidays!