Eating Healthy – Seeds and Nuts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nutrition expert Diana Mirkin provides tips on adding seeds and nuts to your diet.

    Diana Mirkin

    Diana Mirkin has taught thousands of people how to make healthful foods taste delicious. She is co-author of four books with her husband, Dr. Gabe Mirkin: The Healthy Heart Miracle; The Good Food Book; The 20/30 Fat and Fiber Diet Plan; and Fat Free, Flavor Full. Each of these books includes 100 or more of her recipes featuring whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. For many years Diana co-hosted The Dr. Gabe Mirkin Show, a syndicated radio show taking call-in questions on health, nutrition and fitness. Although the show is not in production at this time, it is still widely aired via their web site, . She co-writes their weekly newspaper column, eZine, and blog covering the same topics. Diana is a graduate of Vassar College and has an MBA from Loyola College. When she's not writing or inventing tasty new recipes, she's usually out riding her bicycle, gardening or exercising her dogs.

    I am Diana Mirkin and I am going to explain to you why seeds are included in the Dash Diet. There are actually several different groups of seeds that we have you eat when you are following the Dash Diet, whole grains or seeds of grasses, you can eat as many of those as you like. Beans and other legumes such as split peas are seeds that you can eat in any quantity you like because they fill you up. Both; whole grains and beans are good sources of protein, they are good sources of fiber, they are good sources of good carbohydrates because they are bound up with the fiber that comes when you eat a whole seed. Now, nuts and seeds like, snack seeds like sunflower seeds are also wonderful to put into your whole meal salads but you need to limit the quantities of those a little bit. We recommend one to two tablespoons of nuts and snack seeds in a salad sprinkle them into your salad rather than eating them out of the dish. You would be amazed how easy it is to go through a couple more of nuts, if you are sitting there eating them out of the dish and they are very concentrated sources of calories. So, while we are following a Dash Diet use your nuts and your snack seeds in small quantities and sprinkle them on to your oatmeal or onto your whole meal salad. Nuts and seeds and beans and grains are wonderful nutrients because they come in nature's perfect little package with everything that's needed to make a baby plant. Seed is a baby plant and you have to have minerals, vitamins, the essential fatty acids and the food source to make the plant grow and all of those are nutrients that your body needs when you are following the Dash Diet. Next, we are going to talk about beverages that you can and can't eat when you are on the Dash Diet.