Egg White and Shitake Mushroom Omelet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food Stylist Stephanie Rose demonstrates how to make an egg white and shitake mushroom omelet.

    Stephanie Rose: Hi, I am Stephanie Rose, it's Stephanie Rose Foodstyling and we are making awesome omelets here today and I am going to show you a little bit of a different twist of an omelet. This one is going to be very light and airy. It's going to be only egg whites, for people who are on diets and have to watch their cholesterol, I thought this would be a really nice omelet to do and it's got some very rich flavors in it. We are gong to put some Feta cheese which is Greek, this is the Greek Feta that's made with part goat and part sheep, actually originally it's a ewe but sheep works just fine. And then I have some beautiful Shiitake Mushrooms and then some spinach. So you are getting a lot of vitamins, you are getting a big punch here and it's low fat and low calorie, but we do need to mix up our egg white very you want them really fluffy, I already have two in here and I am going to add one more of course a lot of people get a little worried about separating eggs and I guess, is there really a trick to it? You just have to be gentle and careful, so i just usually bang it on the side a little bit, oop do it over this bowl and open it up carefully. Oh this one is doing all kinds of weird things. Come on. Try not to break the yolk, it's coming out and usually if I had a bad shell I will pour the egg yolk back in the other shell and it drips, it drips, there we go. That worked.

    No problem and it didn't even break it. So we are going to mix this up, mix this up, just going to mix it up a little bit now and now I am going to mix it up even more right before I cook it so it's nice and fluffy, now I will put it aside. Now what I have already done here is I have taken about a cup of spinach, spinach you could use a little bit more and I just stuck it in the microwave and wilted it just for about 10 to 15 seconds and then what we want to do, it's nice and soft, it brings out the flavor, it brings out the color, now I am going to chop it up not too much just a little bit, I still want a little bit of texture. Now I would definitely recommend using fresh spinach if you can get it versus frozen. Frozen is kind of watery, you have squeeze out all the water and this is just much healthier. Now we have some Shiitake Mushrooms which I love. I have a couple of here, we can always cut more, you don't need that many, maybe two or three and you need to cut the stems off because they are a little bit tough. Now I save the stems I save a lot of stuff because I make stuff all the time. Now what I am going to do, I am not going to slice them, I am going to cut them into eight's because I want the chunks, I want to be able to bite in through it and I want to mushroom to hold up and still be a little bit more substantial when we eat our omelet. So quarters or eights is fine. Mushroom, they shrink a little bit too when you are cooking, a lot of the water leeches out. So I am going to chop them up and again you don't that many. This is almost like meat it's going to make the omelet so rich and delicious and then over here we have some crumbled feta and I am going to start beating this up a little bit more and then what we are going to do is we are going to start sauteying our mushrooms and then we will be ready to put all the fillings in. If it's getting warm, you may cut it on. This is sort of a medium almost middle medium high and then let's add our little mushrooms. And again we don't want to cook them too long. You want them to still have some texture and now I will be able to dry it out. Okay I have moved my Shiitakes that are cooking beautifully to the rear burner, so I can start my egg white omelet in the front, pour this in. Swipe out as much as you can, now this is going to cook very quickly. Turn it around a little bit we are not cooking this one like we did the others. I will turn it down. We want to low again low and slow. Now I think I can even turn off my mushrooms in the back, they look perfect. That's starting to setup you could see. Wow things flying, we are cooking with gas. Start to setup on the side and it's shaking, that's how I can tell if it's cooking or not. Turn it down a little bit. Now I am going to start adding some ingredients here, let's start with some feta, looks like a cloud, an omelet cloud, the spinach and feta. Let's sprinkle some spinach around, look at that bright green, lovely okay and now, I am not sure. Let's sprinkle those in here, nice chunks, okay and last but not least, a little bit of pepper, a little bit of salt not too much because the Feta is pretty salty anyway. Now we are cooked. I am going to turn it off and then flip it over with my spatula, I am going to see how she looks, carefully. Perfect, we are ready to plate this beautiful omelet, carefully I am going to bring it over to here and try to slide it out. Okay, maybe it needs a little bit of help, it's okay, so soft and squishy. Doesn't that look heavenly? I am just going got sprinkle a little bit of chives on top of it, so it doesn't look so ,lonely here we go then I garnish it with some Greek olives and some fresh oregano from my garden. Now doesn't that look beautiful and it's healthy, Now next we are going on to yet another wonderful omelet. So please come back and watch me make a Frittata omelet.