Elderly Housing – Skilled Nursing Homes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Alexander with Home Instead Senior Care provides information about various housing options and how to choose the best one for your parents. This video will focus on discussing skilled nursing homes.

    Housing Options for SeniorsSkilled Nursing HomesMary Alexander: Hi! I'm Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care and today I'm talking about the various senior housing options and how to choose the best one for your parents. In this video, we're discussing skilled nursing homes, also known as a skilled nursing facility, this housing option offers registered nurses who provide 24 hour care to people who can no longer care for themselves, whether it's due to a physical, emotional, or mental condition.

    Most nursing homes have two basic types of services; first is skilled medical care that is provided by a nurse or a doctor, and second is custodial care that includes assistance with activities of daily living.

    Nursing homes have changed dramatically and made great improvements over the years. Though there is no standardized routine, many have become very creative by creating cultures that include care for pets, growing flowers, cooking, and generally having fun. Architects have also taken to designing nursing homes to look like traditional homes, and with special facilities to help keep your parents' body and mind active.

    Let's talk about 12 things you should do when trying to choose the right nursing home for your parent. 1, Visit, Observe, and Ask Questions; 2, Check the Ratio of nurses and Nursing assistance to residents, 3, Determine Staff Tenure and Turnover, 4, Ask About Physician Availability, is it full time or part time? 5, How Near is the Closest Hospital? 6, Review most recent Oversight Agency Reports.

    7, Find Out What Activities Are Offered? 8, check out the Food by inviting yourself to meals, 9, Check Exercise, and Entertainment Options; 10, determine if Speech and Physical Therapy Services are offered? 11, Consider Proximity to Family, 12, Understand Cost and Financing Options.

    The average annual cost for a skilled nursing facility is just over $77,000. The advantages are round-the-clock care; a sense of community and reduced risk since nursing homes now undergo regular evaluations by Medicare.

    Some of the disadvantages are that care can be very expensive, loneliness can be an issue, and your parents' freedom and independence maybe sacrificed. No matter how pleasant the surroundings, and how good the care, a nursing home nonetheless is a place that very few seniors look forward to go into.

    Once admitted, it's unlikely they will ever leave and will spend the rest of their lives in the constant company of terminally ill people like themselves, many of whom are suffering from dementia and are ever present reminders of mortality. That aside, a nursing home is the best housing option if your parent cannot take care of himself or herself because of physical, emotional, or mental problems.

    This type of facility is especially helpful if your parent might wander away if unsupervised, and if your parents' physician recommends fulltime nursing care, it's hard to deny.

    There are housing options for every stage of your parents' life and health. Working with them to where the choice is, means a better quality of life for them and the ability for you to feel comfortable knowing they are getting the level of care they need.