Electric Guitar

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Guitar expert Franklin Taggart describes the parts of an electric guitar.

    Franklin Taggart

    Franklin Taggart is a guitarist, singer/songwriter, recording engineer and record producer based in Silver Spring, MD. He's played guitar since 1975 and has been involved in some aspect of performing, recording and composing ever since then. He also is a well known guitar teacher in the Washington, DC area. He has been nominated for many WAMMIE awards from the Washington Area Music Association, winning the Traditional Folk Instrumentalist category in 2001. His first CD Falling All the Way has received excellent reviews from a variety of sources and was also nominated for seven WAMMIE's.

    Hi! I am Franklin Taggart. Welcome to my studio. I am a guitar teacher and a guitar player. I am going to show you now the parts of the Electric guitar. Again, the guitar has similar part names to the human body. This part right here is called is the head. These on top are the tuning keys. We got the guitar Neck here and on the top of the Neck we've got a little plastic piece that strings cross called the Nut. Then we have Frets, the wires and spaces between the wires going across the front of the Neck and this whole piece on the front of the Neck is called the Fret-board. On the electric guitar you have pickups. This particular guitar has three pickups on it and these pickups pick up the vibration of the guitar and send it to an amplifier. On the end of the electric guitar here, this is the bridge piece, and the strings cross through the bridge and they go through the back of the guitar and are anchored in the guitar itself. On the electric guitar we also have a pickup switch. This allows you to choose between all of the pickups and several different configurations and then it has a volume knob and a tone knob. These two switches here are for switching between the pickups and also for changing between presets on my amplifier when playing the guitar. So, those are the parts of the electric guitar, very easy to remember.