Electric Hedge Trimmers – Additional Features to Look For

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Black & Decker product development manager, Joe Newland, describes additional features, like ergonomics and ease of maintenance to consider when selecting your next electric hedge trimmer. This video series includes an overview of the differences between electric and gas trimmers. Also, it describes various tasks that can be performed with your hedge electric trimmer and discusses safety features.

    Joe Newland: Hi, I'm Joe Newland, Product Development Manager for Black & Decker's Outdoor Products division. I'm showing you how to select an electric hedge trimmer. And now I want to cover some of the additional features that you should consider.

    It is important to read the instruction manual thoroughly for all warning equipment before use, and follow all warnings and safety instructions. Before selecting your next hedge trimmer, keep in mind that weigh is most critical. Most gas trimmers weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. The longer you have the blade the heavy of the trimmer would be. Most electric trimmers weigh only between five to seven pounds. Most trimming jobs are going to required hold and elevate the trimmer for an extended period of time, so the lighter the tool the easier it is to use. Also consider the ergonomics and the overall comfort of the tool. The trimmer should feel comfortable and balanced when you hold it. Choose the lightest option that meets your needs. You'll be thankful after using it only for a few minutes. Wraparound front auxiliary handles offer better control for awkward angles.

    Pivoting handles, let you adjust the rear handle to different positions for vertical trimming tasks. Be sure to consider the blade gap or cut capacity of the trimmer you select. Blade gap refers to the space between the teeth of the blade. Large blade gaps enable you to cut thicker branches. So if you have a task that requires significant cutting back, you're going to want a trimmer with a large blade gap. Also wider gap models allow for the new growth into the cutting area better and speed up the completion of the task. A hedge trimmer's blade length affects the size of the formal head that you can trim. And it also affects the weight of the hedge trimmer. Think about the width of the hedges or bushes you plan to cut, or what you ultimately want the width to be.

    So those are some other things, you should consider when selecting your next hedge trimmer.