Electric Hedge Trimmers vs. Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Black & Decker product development manager, Joe Newland, describes the differences between electric and gas hedge trimmers. This video series describes various tasks that can be performed with your hedge electric trimmer, discusses safety features and covers additional features to look for when purchasing your next hedge trimmer.

    Joe Newland: Hi! I am Joe Newland, Product Development Manager for Black & Decker's Outdoor Products division. Let's discuss the differences between electric and gas Hedge Trimmers. It's important to read the Instruction manual thoroughly for all warning equipment before use and follow all warnings and safe instruction. First of all, when talking about an Electric Hedge Trimmer there are two different types, there is a corded, you use an extension cord, and a cordless that works often with battery. There are several advantages to either of these options. Electric corded Hedge Trimmers are much lighter than other options and are especially lighter than gas powered Trimmer. So they are very easy to maneuver and you will experience lesson fatigue when using them. With either of electric trimmer types, there is no need to buy or store gas or oil and they require very little maintenance and no tune-ups and are much quieter. The advantage of the gas powered Hedge Trimmer is they do not require extensive cords. In some models can cut growth larger than three quarters of an inch. Gas powered models can also cut in any location as they are not limited to being within 150 feet in an electrical outlet like a corded electric trimmer. Cordless trimmers eliminate the need for an extension cord as well. But if you have a large property and do a lot of trimming or old growth over three quarters of an inch gas powered models may be your best bet. So, to summarized, the electric options are the lightest and the easiest to use for cutting up to three quarters of an inch, the gas units will cut larger diameter growth but weigh more than double that of the electric model.

    This information will help you select your next Hedge Trimmer.