Electric Hedge Trimmers – What Tasks Will Be Performed

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Black & Decker product development manager, Joe Newland, describes the various sculpting & trimming tasks that can be performed with your electric hedge trimmer. This video series includes an overview of the differences between electric and gas trimmers. Also, it discusses safety features and covers additional features to look for when purchasing your next hedge trimmer.

    Joe Newland: Hi! I am Joe Newland, Product Development Manager for Black & Decker's Outdoor Product division. I am showing you how to select an Electric Hedge Trimmer and now I want to cover what task will be performed.

    It's important to read the instruction manual thoroughly for all lawn equipment before use and follow all warnings and safety instruction. There are essentially two types of hedge trimming tasks, formal hedges where you are trimming predominantly in horizontal and vertical lines and informal hedges where you are sculpting each plant in a more rounded look.

    Formal hedges are closely space shrubs to form a barrier or mark the boundary of an area. With routine formal hedge trimming you will just be cutting away the new growth. And most likely, you'll be doing more precise trimming and you will benefit from a light weight trimmer. Landscape or Informal trimming refers to individual shrubs, and bushes, that need to be sculptured versus a formal type of hedge trimming. These two will be primarily to cutting of new growth if maintained regularly. When cutting back to a more manageable size, the three quarter inch (3/4 inch) cut capacity, on the electric model, is usually adequate. Another thing to consider when selecting your Electric Hedge Trimmer is the size of your yard. If you have a very large yard and an electrical outlet is not within a 150 feet of the area to be trimmed it may be best to use a cordless model where you have the freedom of no extension cord but the lightweight advantage of electric. Also, you can insert additional battery packs if more runtime is needed. If you're within a 150 feet of an electrical outlet a corded model will work. For a typical homeowner performing routine yard-work the standard is an Electric Hedge Trimmer. Approximately 80% of all trimmers sold are electric. If you have smaller shrubs to trim and sculpt choose a shorter blade that is easier to handle a maneuver. Plan ahead, if you are planning to let the shrubs grow be sure you buy the right trimmer for what size you expect them to be. Very tall shrubs require more reach to perform the trimming tasks, for these larger shrubs look for a telescoping or a long reach pole type Hedge Trimmer. Most of these types of trimmers allow you to reach 10 feet or more without a ladder.

    So that's how to identify what task will be performed with your Hedge Trimmer.