Emergency Preparedness Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wilderness expert Tim MacWelch discusses emergency preparedness tips.

    Tim MacWelch: So here we are in worse case scenario. It's winter weather, we are off road and our vehicle is thoroughly stuck. Hi, I am Tim MacWelch of Earth Connection School of Wilderness Survival and Ancient Skills near Fredericksburg, Virginia and this is our video series on emergency preparedness. The clips in this series include what is an emergency, how do we realize we are in trouble. We will talk about your car being a shelter when you are away from home. We will talk about your car to being a store house of supplies when you take your time to stock it properly. Then we will talk about emergency preparedness in the home; how your home is still the shelter even if the utilities go out.

    We will also talk about your home being a store house when you stock it up properly and we will even explain how your kitchen and bathroom still work during an emergency. Earth Connection is a School of Wilderness Survival and Ancient Skills which I started about 13 years ago and ever since then we have been in continuous operation running classes 12 months out of the year in things like wilderness survival, primitive technology, wilderness skills, like wild edible plants, friction fire making, tanning of deer hides, and now, emergency preparedness. In this first segment, we are going to talk about the fact that your vehicle is a shelter which you take with you wherever you go.