Energy Efficient Windows – How to Install a Double Hung Conversion Kit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Andersen Windows’ Brian Gunderson shows you how easy it is to convert older double hung windows to new, more energy efficient windows using a pre-ordered conversion kit to replace older windows with more energy efficient technology.

    Brian Gunderson: Hi! I am Brian Gunderson with Anderson Windows. Today I am going to show you how easy it is to convert your older double hung windows to new more energy efficient windows. Most major window manufactures make a kit to convert older windows into more energy efficient technology.

    Today, we are going to use the Anderson Narroline conversion kit. Over the years, home owners have purchased and installed over 60 million Anderson double hung windows like this. Many major window manufacturers have similar kits and installation is essentially the same with a few minor differences. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation. The conversion kit includes new jam liners, they provide a track for your sash to move up and down as well as seal the window between the frame and the sash. New sash and some parts that you'll need to complete the job. If you are handy, this might be a project you can take care on yourself. To start with measure your window so you get the conversion kit right for the size of window you currently have. It's not possible to change the window size with this type of upgrade, that requires a full window replacement.

    Tools you need include safety glasses, Phillips and flat-head screwdrivers, a woodblock, utility knife, tape measure and a pencil, cock gun with silicon cock, silicon lubricant, wire cutters, 2 1/2 inch dry wall screws, a hammer and some paper towels. This work should be done from the interior of the home. First, remove the old jam liners and sash and set them aside for recycling if possible. We've done that already here so we can get to the installation part. You can see here that we have a clean window frame and we haven't disturbed the interior trim or the exterior trim of the house. Next, install the new jam liners on the right and left and secure them into place. Then, move the bouncers of both upper and lower sash to the bottom. This is the part that helps move the sash up and down in the frame. With the exterior side of the upper sash facing up place the pivot pins in the shoe cams one at a time. When they are locked into place push the sash up into place. Repeat that for the lower sash and inspect your work to be sure the window is operating correctly. You are done, that's all there is to it. You'll save energy and your home will be more comfortable to live in.