Engaging An Alzheimer’s Patient

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laurie Owen of Home Instead Senior Care discusses how to engage an Alzheimer’s patient.

    Laurie Owen: Hi! I'm Laurie Owen from Home Instead Senior Care. Today I am talking about how to keep your loved one engaged. People suffering with Alzheimer's disease and other Dementias, often experience problems with memory, thinking and the ability to perform everyday tasks.

    This can cause stress, depression and some bad behaviors. Research tells us that by keeping our loved one engaged through physical, mental and social activities. We can create positive experiences that diminish this distress and deter unwanted behaviors. These activities don't have to be something special. Even simple tasks like folding the laundry or cleaning the house can be considered activities. You could also use information from your loved one to journal to find out activities that are meaningful to them. Keeping them engaged can also help make coping with the activities that daily leaving easier. Some ideas include turning a bath into an opportunity to smell different soaps or when getting dressed, discuss fashion or favorite colors. The end result is that personal care tasks often are easier because your loved one is happier and less stressed. People with Alzheimer's disease or other Dementias may have less physical stamina or may not be able to concentrate or stay focused for very long. So the key to doing activities is to be flexible and creative. Keeping a loved one who is in late stage Alzheimer's disease engaged, can be a little more challenging. Try to focus on the five senses touch, hear, smell, taste and sight. For example, provide a comforting touch or allow them to feel different textures. You can have them listen to music or smell and taste different foods. Or look at and talk about photos from albums or their journal. Stay an engaged and stimulated can lived to your loved one spirits and sense of accomplishment and then fasters a positive and enjoyable relationship between you both.