Enjoying Craft Beer Out Of The Glass

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julia Herz, Publisher from CraftBeer.com, shows us how to enjoy a craft beer out of a glass.

    Julia Herz: Hi! I am Julia Herz, Publisher of craftbeer.com, a website by the Brewers Association and today, I am going to talk to you about enjoying craft beer out of the glass.

    Now many people aren't sure, do you drink craft beer out of the bottle, can, or pour it into a glass. And whenever possible my preferred way to enjoy a craft beer is to pour it into a glass. This ensures the carbonation heightens the aromatics and leaves the craft beer giving you a fuller collar of foam and you don't fill up as much as the CO2 leaves the glass.

    Now make sure your beer is poured into a beer clean glass. Glassware should be free of visible soil and marks. And a beer clean glass is free of foam killing residues and lingering aromatics such as sanitizer.

    And here is some good tricks to know. One, insist on a freshly cleaned glass at every new pour. Two, glassware should be air dried instead of with a towel that can impart lint or residue. And three, frozen glassware used to serve craft beer is undesirable as it causes foaming, often masks flavors and aromatics and can also impart off-flavors.

    So how can you tell if your glassware is clean? After cleaning your glassware you can test for beer clean status using four different techniques. One, look at your freshly poured beer, often bubbles sticking to the side of the glass are a red flag, showing where residue exists.

    Two sheeting, water applied to a wet glass should evenly coat the glass. Three is the salt test. Salt sprinkled on the interior of a wet glass will adhere evenly to the clean surface but won't cling to where the glass is dirty.

    And four, the lacing test. If cleaned after each sip, parallel rings of foam should appear. If foam appears in a random pattern after each sip or not at all, then the glass is likely not clean.

    And that's how you make sure that your glass is beer clean and ready for your craft beer.