Entering Your Cat in a Show

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Susan Cook Henry of the Cat Fanciers’ Association talks to us about entering your cat in a show.

    Susan Cook Henry: I'm Susan Cook Henry. I represent the The Cat Fanciers' Association and I'm teaching you about how to show a cat. Now we are going to be talking about entering your cat in a show. There are some basic information much of which is available on the Internet. It's very easy to find show schedules which list shows by calendar month and location all over the United States, if not, the world.

    Once you locate a show, you maybe interested in. You can contact the entry clerk either by Email or telephone. You can also download the flier for the show on the website. Print the entry information, it shows you who the entry clerk is and all the other particulars of the show; the where, when, how, and why of the show. The entry can be made either online or via mail, making sure that you pay your entry fees. Many entries are now payable online as well which is a great convenience for the exhibitor.

    In order to enter the Cat, you may download an entry blank, an official entry blank. This will be filled out by hand and mailed to the entry clerk if you are not entering online. If you are entering online, this very form can be filled out with your computer and remitted to the entry clerk along with your entry fees.

    You are going to want to familiarize yourself with the ribbons that will be awarded at the show. you will see a number of them that the judges are awarding in various color classes and breeds and divisions. This information is also available on the Internet and can be easily located and printed for reference before you get to the cat show so you will know a little bit what to expect when you get there. Next we will talk about preparing supplies for the cat show.