Entertainment while Camping

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Camping expert Tim MacWelch of Earth Connection suggests ideas for family fun on a camping trip.

    Tim MacWelch: Hi, I am Tim MacWelch of Earth Connection School of Wilderness Survival and Ancient Skills, near Fredericksburg, Virginia. In this video series we are going to show you how to go camping. In this clip we are going to talk about campsite entertainment. If you're just out here camping by yourself, you can enjoy the quiet.

    You can finally have time to follow the pursuits that you've always been interested in; maybe you brought a bird book and some binoculars to do some bird watching. Maybe you brought a flower identification book, so that you can finally figure out what all those interesting wild flowers really are. There are lots of different things that a person can do out here all by themselves to have fun. So any time you bring any books or other items that are damaged by water, you want have them sealed up in zip lock bag. It's also nice to give you more options, this is one more place where you could keep something dry, one more place that you could fill the trash, so that you leave no trace.

    Also, if it's a couple people out here, we can have fun and play some cards. These are actual playing cards, it's a deck of cards, but it also something for the outdoor enthusiast, these are edible wild fruit playing cards. On each card are a different wild plant, tree or shrub and information about what parts we can eat, what parts we can use and how to enjoy that. So we have our full of deck of cards that we can play poker with. We could also utilize multipurpose gear for practicality and for fun. We could bring a Frisbee; we can also that Frisbees as our plate. So have just one item that serves two functions out here. This is a great concept for all of your camping equipment, the more tasks one piece of gear can accomplish, the less gear you have to carry.

    Now small group of people can play cards, can play Frisbee, can play tag, can play hide and go seek, it's fun for kids of all ages. If you bring your kids out here, you might want have some extra goodies for the kids, have some snacks if they don't normally get to eat, let them eat some chocolates and run wild, let them play games that they never get to play at home, because there is never enough time. So those are just a few fun ideas that you can use to help entertain your group or yourself, while you are out camping. Next we are going to talk about safety equipment; that every one should have with them, every time they go camping. k_dcampbell_tmcwelch_camping_