Equipment for Water Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Susan Foster discusses the equipment used for water exercises.

    Susan Foster: I am Founder of New Attitude Exercise in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, we are going to talk about what equipment you need for an effective water workout. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment, that you need in the water, is shoes. Now, you can always use a old pair of aerobic shoes. But as they always say, for every sport there is a shoe and there are lots of great shoes in the market now, specifically designed for water workouts. Their benefits are this. They have holes in the bottom, allows them to drain water. They have great arch support and their closure stay tight in the water. Because when you are working in a chest deep workout, the name of the game is traction and travel. You want to have secure footing on the bottom of the pool and the more traction you have, the more you will be able to travel, which increases the cardio benefit of your workout.

    As you get more into the sport, you might want to invest in these, not a lot of money, but the water workout gloves. Specifically designed, with gripping palms, so that you can work in the water and it increases all that you work on the upper body. So any moves, create a lot more intensity. Remember, the water is 12 times more resistant than air. So every out move, every in move, creates a lot more intensity and the gloves extenuate every single arm stroke.

    In order to go to a completely zero impact workout, you are going to be down the deep bend and you need a good strong floatation belt to holds you up. This needs to be made out of dense material and need to fit snugly around your waist. There is lot of these different ones online and available now and this is the key item you need to have in your ark or wardrobe to do a deep end work.

    They will last a long time, specially if you rinse them with water and with a belt, your hands and your legs have complete freedom of movement in the deep end, so you can really build the cardio intensity as you become skilled at water working. A child's noodle, playing noodle is a great way to start working the intensity of your body sculpting. It can be used on push and pull moves, it can be used on straddle moves, it can be used on twisting moves. Be sure to shake out your hands every now and then as you work with this.

    Now, there is one thing, that I would not recommend to use a noodle for. It's fine to use in chest deep water, but it's definitely not recommended on an adult for going down in the deep end. We don't want to be hanging in the deep water between the noodle and the shoulder joint. Better to be safe, grab your deep end belt and work strong and safe in the water.

    These are tool for every job and in water workouts, these are some of the best tools for sculpting your body, no matter here in chest deep water, or deep end water. They are water bells. Again, they work on the principle of buoyancy, working against the natural buoyancy of the water and work the body in all directions. Your hands are free to flow and they can work, to increase your cardio capacity as you work against the bells.

    The other great thing is, notice the grip, it's soft and comfortable in your hand. You can get these online in a lot of different rate and intensities. They last a long time and they really add to the power of your water workout. If you are working at an outdoor pool, be sure to be smart about taking care your body and protecting against the UV rays. Work with the sun cap, work with sun glasses, grab the shirt, put it on. Either a T-shirt, a water jacket, or surf shirts, you can find them at many places and probably one of your key ingredients to your water workouts is a water bottle. You should hydrate before, during your workout, and after. Feel free to sit it beside the pool. You are not sweating because you are not out in the air, but you are really are working at that intensity. Get ready to get in the pool now, we are going to go to water walking, basics, intermediate and advance moves.