Essential Alcohols for Holiday Party Bartending

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joe Trujillo of the Hospitality Training Institute discusses how to set up your home bar for a standard holiday party including essential alcohols for holiday party bartending.

    Joe Trujillo: Hi, I am Joe Trujillo of the Hospitality Training Institute and I am here to show you how to set your home bar for your holiday party. Right now, I am going to be going over the basic alcohols that are necessary for your standard holiday party. It doesn't have to be too complicated when you are setting up for your party. All you really need are these basic liquors that you see in front of you and your standard beers and wines. First and foremost you need Vodka. Vodka comes in a lot of different flavors, a lot of different tastes. It does not matter, it's all about personal preference and choice. Next you will need a bottle of Gin, a bottle of Rum, a bottle of Tequila. Again, tequila doesn't have to necessarily be patron, it could be something as simple as Jose Cuervo, or your standard generic, Triple Sec; a Scotch, and a Brandy or Whiskey. It's been my experience for the past couple of years that most successful holiday parties do well because they have the right amount of alcohol. What this means is they don't run out. A lot of people fail to recognize how much liquor their guests are going to be drinking and what that ties into is your fundamentals. Your Vodka, I guaranty, will be the first thing to go, follow that will be your Gin or your Rum. To compensate for this I recommend having at least two backup bottles of each. If not three for the Vodka bottles suffice for a party of 10. It's going to go pretty quickly. After that, I would recommend having an extra bottle of Jack Daniels on hand as well. This is more for your sudden type parties but it is something that tends to go in the early portion of the night. Your Tequila, although a powerful drink, usually won't go away too quickly. It's more one of those drinks that's reserved for the end of the night that people want to kind of take their party to the next level. I don't recommend having too much of it on hand because you want to keep things somewhat in control but it is something to keep in mind they may want to an extra behind your bar at some point. So that covers your basic liquors. Moving on to wines. I recommend having one red and one white. Your standard Cabernet or Lolo should be sufficient for your red wine and your standard Chardonnay should cover your white wine. Most parties I attend or I have worked have one of each is more than sufficient. Most people for your holiday parties will be having that as over their course of the appetizers and main course but really won't be drinking at throughout the night. Most of the focus will be on the liquors or the beers.

    When it comes to beers, if you don't know the taste you tried before hand, there is really only four different types you need, your domestic, a light version of that domestic, and two imports. One of those imports should be of the Mexican influence but bud Heineken will be more than sufficient.

    Usually, about a 12 pack of each for a party of 10 will be more than enough. So that's your standard liquors, wines, and beers. Next I will be going over your mixers and juices.