Essential Apps For Fantasy Football First-Timers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    With all of the cheats and info available online, it’s easy to participate (and dominate!) even if you’re a complete fantasy football newbie.

    Matthew Rodrigues: The NFL pre season is underway, for some, this can only mean one thing, Fantasy Football something I know absolutely nothing about, which is why POPSUGAR Tech. Editor, Nicole Nguyen is going to give us the scoop on how to dominate Fantasy Sports as a compete newbie. You like that?

    Nicole Nguyen: You just get to look at the ball then, that's pretty damn thing.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I am trying to get my thrown out, like that breaking my arm.

    Nicole Nguyen: Before last season I was also super intimidated by Fantasy and then I joined the League for the first time and with all the information that's out there on the Internet it's so easy to cheat and dominant even if you're Fantasy first timer.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Okay! Where do we begin? I've never played football let along Fantasy Football, so what I do, I am wearing this jersey because I am from Rhode Island and you are supposed to hoot for the Patriots Nicole Nguyen: You would just say --Matthew Rodrigues: Go Pats.

    Nicole Nguyen: -- like Tom Bradley you should wear this jersey.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Thank you, thank you Nicole.

    Nicole Nguyen: So I am assuming you've been forced, I mean asked to join the league. It's probably hosted on ESPN or Yahoo! Those are the biggest platform for Fantasy Sports on the Internet right now, and the next thing that you need to do is create a roster.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Well, here's the thing, our producer Christine wanted me to sign up for this and I was like, I don't know who is good, I don't know who sucks, how can I even play? Nicole Nguyen: There is an amazing app called the NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet and Draft Kit. They are updated every seasons that it's fresh and the app has a pick recommendation and do not rate their players by their value, you don't do anything. I am recommending this out to every POPSUGAR Editor-Matthew Rodrigues: So you have to watch every game. Anybody gets time for that?

    Nicole Nguyen: True! Which is why I love this next step called Fantasy Alarm it gives you real time alters for up to second line changers, plus a feat of inside rumors you like gossips, right?

    Matthew Rodrigues: I do like rumors, so I can get into Nicole Nguyen: You know exactly when you should take chance on a different player.

    Matthew Rodrigues So I love that Fantasy Football is basically just grown up gigging out over suck---Nicole Nguyen: It's very addictive, you might even become a football fan after this.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Now you're pushing that. All right! So, so many games though, so what's the laziest, how can it be super lazy in this?

    Nicole Nguyen: Like the least you can do -- Matthew Rodrigues: Yeah, the least amount.

    Nicole Nguyen: Use this amazing app called Fuse; it filters out all of the boring football stuff, the real football stuff and only shows you what's really worth watching like the game winning one handed catch or somethingMatthew Rodrigues: Okay! I can get into that.

    Nicole Nguyen: Yeah.

    Matthew Rodrigues: I think you might have wanted me overhear a little bit. Now just I'm so excited for that first season, GoooooNicole Nguyen: No, that's the wrong football.

    Matthew Rodrigues: Oh, sorry!