Ex NFL Coach Jimmy Johnson Finds His Peace

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jimmy Johnson, the once passionate NFL head coach, has found his peace in paradise.

    Islamorada: Getting close to the moment.

    Jimmy Johnson: When I was coaching with the Dallas Cowboys I ended up, you know, won a lot of games. In fact after our second Super Bowl I was in the locker room and we had the phone call and Jerry Jones, he wanted to put the phone up to my ear and it was President Clinton, and he said I want you to come to White House and congratulations on winning the Super Bowl. And I said I am sorry Mr. President I am going to Florida Key, I am going for fishing and Jerry John grabbed the phone out of my hand and he says, yes, Mr. President we will be at the White House, but that was my mindset, I wanted to go to the Florida Keys.

    The first time I came down to the Keys was when I was in the University of Miami and just fell in love it, fell in love with the place, fell in love with the people and just all the things that you can do down here. And I loved the scuba dive, we do lobster hunting down here, I love to be in the water, I love to be around the water and some days when it's flat and nice I may not even put a line in the water. I might just get up in the trailer and ride, just to look at things, I mean it's just so peaceful and so relaxing.

    I don't fish to brag everybody, what I can catch. a fish for fun, so there is no pressure. I dealt with pressure for about 60 years or so, I don't want the pressure and I think that's one thing about the Keys, that's one thing about the fishing and diving that we do. There is no pressure; it's more fun and more relaxation than anything else.